Partner Highlight: Kundali Kombucha

When one stands outside and peeks into the world of tea, it can seem boring. But when you wait for the colors to get darker, the flavors to flourish, then the actual depth begins to shine. Kombucha is just another example of that; a fermented tea that seldom fits into traditional porcelain cups. 

Before we dive deep into this partner highlight piece, let’s begin with the basics. 

What is Kombucha? 

To put it simply, kombucha is a naturally fermented sweet tea that contains all sorts of healthy compounds for the body. The sweet tea is fermented with a “kombucha mother”, otherwise known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast). The SCOBY eats the sugars in the tea which in turn produce all the healthy compounds commonly found in kombucha.

It is a drink that can stay on the shelf and in your kitchen cupboard to cheer on your health. Kombucha is as old as regular tea itself. But not a lot of what’s available in the market necessarily tastes good. 

Teas in Kombucha

There are many different types of tea that can be used to make kombucha, including black, green, and white tea. Each type of tea will give the kombucha a unique flavor profile. Black tea is the most commonly used type of tea for making kombucha, as it has a strong, bold flavor that pairs well with the tangy, fermented taste of the kombucha. Green tea is a lighter-flavored tea that can give kombucha a more subtle, refreshing taste. White tea is the least processed of all the tea types and has a delicate, floral flavor that can add a unique twist to kombucha.

Kombucha can also be flavored with fruit, herbs, and spices to create a wide range of flavors. Some popular kombucha flavors include raspberry, ginger, and lavender. Many kombucha makers experiment with different ingredients to create their own unique flavors.

Healthy AND Tasty Kombucha

In Nepal, there’s a belief that things that are good for your health won’t taste good; often talking about bitter medicines and milk in the case of children. And that seems to apply for store bought Kombuchas. And in the world of mediocre drinks, Kundali Kombucha is a game changer. Kristian, the co-founder of the company, proudly stands behind the tagline “Reliably delicious”. 

In a brief conversation following a very successful collaboration with the team, Kristian shared that his journey into Kombucha has been a discovery for the self. Before delving into the fermented drink, he struggled with vices and to really know who he was. In this struggle to build a healthy relationship with the self and to make health not taste disappointing, Kristian put his culinary genius into the drink that felt special to him from the very beginning. 

Beginning of Kundali Kombucha

He began brewing his own Kombucha in 2013 as a hobby. After six years of exploring, tinkering with recipes, and collecting feedback, the stars aligned. Kundali Kombucha was launched in 2019 from Boulder, Colorado and they haven’t looked back since. 

Kundali Kombucha has remained dedicated to brewing the most crisp, nutritious, and reliably delicious kombucha tea through a passionate, authentic care for people and the planet. With their delicious drinks, they are company committed to inspiring healthy lifestyle within their global community.

Nepal Tea Collective X Kundali Kombucha

Nepal Tea Collective partnered up with Kundali Kombucha as soon as we found out about them. It is Kundali Kombucha’s mission to make the highest quality and good tasting Kombucha possible and so naturally the collaboration made perfect sense. 

Nepal Tea Collective strives for Nepali teas to be tried, tested and loved in all the possible variation. So adding our premium quality leaves to prepare their delicious teas just made sense. After all, their number one priority when making kombucha, besides the obvious health reasons, is to make it taste excellent. They carefully select organic ingredients like we do for our tea leaves. 

Kombucha was Kristian’s beginning to self discovery and self realization. In a period where he found himself lost in his own home, Kristian’s exploration of the fermented brew jumpstarted his journey into health. 

The idea that our teas are beginning more healthy journeys with their kombuchas fill us with an unbelievable joy. 

Check out the fruits of this very delicious collaboration here