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Tea Bags - Bundle of 4 [Black Tea, Green Tea, Chai & Herbal Blend]

Tea Bags - Bundle of 4 [Black Tea, Green Tea, Chai & Herbal Blend]

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Himalayan Sunrise is a brisk Nepal black tea with fruity and floral aromas, with hints of caramel. Flavor notes of raisins, cherry, and dark chocolate are prominent in this unique tea.

Himalayan Mist is a mellow, high-quality loose leaf green tea with a floral aroma. This tea has subtle fruity flavors, with grassy and nutty notes shining throughout.

Nepali Breakfast is a medium-bodied black tea invigorated by its unique masala chai flavors. Black pepper and cardamom create a warm spice found throughout the tea.

Kathmandu Cosmos herbal blend is delicately balanced with aromatic spices, such as ginger and cardamom, and has pronounced sweet citrus flavor notes of orange peel and lemongrass. 


The $3300 tea tour includes all domestic flights in Nepal, accommodation, food and tickets to heritage tours and experiences. Learn more here.

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