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Meet the Tea Explorer!

Meet Amy, the heart-driven founder of Metolius Tea Company. She, not only gets the best from across the globe right in your cup but makes it her mission to get them ethically sourced from the farms.
In 2023, Amy embarked on a soul-stirring journey to the Himalayan tea mountains of Nepal.
Her mission? To find the finest tea and a deeper purpose!
In her quest for quality, she stumbled upon the exceptional teas nurtured by Nish and the Nepal Tea Collective. This serendipitous encounter not only led to the creation of the tea you are sipping but also a shared vision with Nepal Tea Collective: Empowering communities, one cup at a time.
Curious about their tea adventure?

From the Heart of the Himalayas!

Picture the misty eastern hills of Nepal, where tea bushes flourish at 6,000 feet elevation. Your tea is carefully cultivated here, at the base of the majestic Mt. Kanchanjangha, the world's third-highest peak!

This is not just where your tea originates; it's a tribute to Nepal's tea legacy and natural beauty. Exclusive and extraordinary, this tea is directly sourced from these awe-inspiring heights by Nepal Tea Collective

Micro-Climate Magic:

Grown in unique micro-climatic conditions, Nepal tea offers a taste of the Himalayan terroir.

Purely Organic

Certified organic, these teas are free from chemicals and fertilizers, ensuring your health and the environment.

Handcrafted Excellence

The tea leaves that make it into your cup are carefully hand-plucked. Only the most tender, first two leaves and the terminal bud make it into your package of tea.

Experimental Tea Makers

Your tea is crafted by the youngest and most experimental tea makers in the region, creating tea experiences like no other.

Impact Beyond the Cup! With every sip, you empower:

Tea Veterans

723 dedicated souls, perfecting their craft for five decades.


Your support provides scholarships and housing, and uplifts the lives of those in our tea-growing communities.

Social Initiatives

1% of each sale contributes to initiatives making a difference.

Support the Hands Behind Your Tea!

Feeling the warmth of your tea? Extend your gratitude directly to the farmers who cultivated it. Scan the QR code to tip the farmers from any corner of the globe. Your generosity adds sweetness to their hard work and dedication.

Thank you for choosing a cup of goodness. Your tea adventure awaits!