The Story of Our Story...

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A 15 year old visits Darjeeling Hills in India...

Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota gets inspired by the tea plantation and business in Darjeeling and comes back to his village, Phidim (Eastern Nepal), with a vision of starting a tea farm to rid his community out of poverty.

Early 1970s

He pitches to the villagers about starting a tea farm, unsuccessfully...

The elderly in the village outright reject his idea and do not give him the unused land that he had requested to plant the teas seeds. 

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Late 1970s

He starts planting in his own backyard along with his wife and close friends...

Undeterred by rejection, he and his wife start planting tea seeds and cuttings right on their backyard! 4 years later, the farmers see that tea production was indeed possible.


He starts the 1st Certified Organic Tea Garden in Nepal, Kanchanjangha Tea Estate...

The elderly who had initially rejected his idea, give him unused lands for tea production. More than 100 farmers pooled their lands to bring Kanchanjangha Tea Estate to life! Read our detailed story here.

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Our founder is born...

As Deepak's and Dambar's youngest son, our founder, Nishchal, is born in the tea farm. While it would have been fun to say the picture of the small kid between the parents is him, it is not. Somehow, a cousin of Nishchal snuck into that amazing picture and trust us he had no control at that time! At least, it makes a great story! 

Summer 2015

He graduates from college in the US and heads back home to Nepal...

Nishchal came to the US to become a CPA, however, 4-years of liberal arts college, completely killed the CPA in him and here he is selling amazing organic teas to you! 

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Winter 2015

He opens the first tea bar in Nepal...

2015 marked a grim year for Nepal as it witnessed one of its biggest earthquakes. However, it also really tested and developed a resiliency of Nepali people. Nishchal ventured into opening the first tea bar in Nepal while helping her sister market Nepali teas locally through Baskota Group.


He returns back to the US to start Nepal Tea...

With immense knowledge in the local tea industry and a vision to create an identity for Nepali Teas, Nishchal returns to the US and establishes Nepal Tea.

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He launches the biggest kickstarter campaign in the organic tea industry...

With a support from almost 500 backers, Nepal Tea successfully completes the biggest crowdfunding campaign in the organic tea industry at the time. Some of the most amazing products and our unique immersive tea tourism packages evolved through this kickstarter campaign


Our chai, Nepali Breakfast, is voted among top 10 teas...
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Our very special chai blend Nepali Breakfast is voted among the top 10 teas through a survey that involved more than 70,000 reviews directly from consumers. Among the winners were David's Tea, Harney & Sons and Tea Pigs to name a few!

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Our white tea, White Prakash, wins bronze medal in the global tea championship...

Yet another win, our very special white tea, named after our founder's father, wins the bronze medal at the Global Tea Championship. It was indeed a truly honorable tea.


COVID-19 Pandemic | Strategic Pivots | New office and warehouse...

The pandemic brought about a lot of changes for Nepal Tea but thankfully we were resilient enough to grow and expand during the time. We got back to our roots, managed our farm through zoom and google meet, started farmers' emergency fund, opened new office and warehouse in Long Island City, NY and of course provided our dear customers with all the teas that they wanted directly at their doorstep 

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2021 & Beyond

What are our plans moving forward?

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Bigger Community

We are looking to add new underrepresented tea farmers from Nepal and bring their amazing teas to you!  

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Bigger Impact

We are working to open and operate a new school in the upper garden. We are also looking to add new herbs and spices products to incorporate more farmers. 

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Better Transparency

We are working to build a blockchain ledger system to set an example in the tea industry for transparency