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Give the essence to your beloved one. Gift them the tea subscription, teas all the way from the Himalayas to your doorstep with one simple click!

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Gift tea subscription

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What’s Inside

A special treat with freshest and the most fantastic flavors including the first flushes directly from the Himalayas every month

1 Fresh Looseleaf tea

Approx. 1.7 oz
25-30 cups

1 Reserve Tea

Approx. 1.0 oz
15-20 cups

Tea Lovers Unite

An all cost paid seat to exclusive conversations with the tea makers from Nepal. For a few hours a month come listen to the stories our tea makers have told in every sip you take.

A community of tea lovers

Our subscribers will be invited to join an exclusive Nepal Tea club community on Facebook to share and grow our love for teas!

Post Card

Every gift box comes with an informational postcard delivering all things Nepal to your palm every month.

Tea Bush after your loved ones

Tea Bush after your loved ones

Every spring our subscribers get a chance to name young tea saplings after themselves or a loved ones. A small attempt to personalize the fight against climate change and our homage to you on your choice to support our cause!

Monthly Events

Monthly Events

We believe the perfect pairing for every cup of tea is captivating conversations. Every month, we invite tea lovers from all over the world to try tea from our collection and actually talk to a myriad of people including tea makers, producers, farmers and health experts.

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Gift your loves one the Delight for Trine of exotic Himalayan brews

This starter pack is Nepal Tea Collective's promise of a magical three months full of new discoveries and love at first sight, aroma and taste. A sensory delight that includes the classic loose leaf tea and the exotic first flushes straight from Nepal to their lap.

This package contains 1.7 oz of Fresh Loose Leaf Tea and 1.0 oz of Microlot First flush teas from our reserve collection.

  • $ 75.00
  • $ 56.00

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