8 Creative and Eco-Friendly Uses for Tea Bags!


Tea is one of the most popular beverages of all time. Tea connoisseurs as well as regular tea drinkers enjoy their cup of tea in many different forms ranging from loose leaf teas and CTCs to using tea bags and tea concentrates. 

Orthodox teas have a strong hold of the tea community looking for more natural and direct ways to consume teas. Thus, tea makers and producers have started packaging these loose leaf orthodox teas into small pouches; tea bags. These tea bags are so much more than just a vehicle to hold the beautiful loose leaf to be dunked into the drinker's cup of tea. 

In this blog, we will explore eight beneficial, creative, and eco-friendly uses for tea bags that will leave you amazed.

1. A Natural Plant Booster:

The most prominent usage of a used tea bag is as a fertilizer for the plants. As they are made using organic and natural resources, it can be an effective compost manure for plants. The tea bags are opened, the wet used tea leaves are retrieved and mixed with the soil to create a natural compost manure for your favorite plant. 

The tannic acid present in these used tea bags have been proven to be beneficial for the rapid growth of acid-loving plants like your home-garden rosebush. However, it should be noted that other plants that thrive in neutral soil are harmed by the high acidity of the tannic acids in the used tea bags. So, you should be careful when choosing which plant to fertilize their soil with. 

2. Compost Accelerator 

The used tea bags are a great way to boost the compost decomposition process. As explored earlier, the leaves present inside the tea bags contain tannic acids. These acids cause the tea's to have a high nitrogen content that will eventually quicken the decomposition process.  

Be mindful about the compost ability of the actual tea bags. Majority of the tea bags are made of “food-grade” tagged tea bags material that consist of non-biodegradable microplastics and polypropylene. These do more harm to the compost than good – it slows down the decomposition process of the compost. Thus, to achieve a nutrient-rich compost one should use a 100% biodegradable tea bag or just use the used tea leaves inside the tea bag. 

3. Natural Room Freshener

Stinky Fridge? Shoe rack? Musty closet? Carpets and Rugs? No one wants a smelly house. In this situation, reusing tea bags comes in handy. Tea's natural absorbent properties neutralize and reduce unpleasant odors, leaving your home smelling clean and inviting.

Dried out used tea bags placed in major areas that need freshening up, such as the shoe racks, or musty closets are the best way to naturally extract the bad odors. Simply placing a used tea bag inside the fridge will also absorb the bad odors. 

Carpets are another major area that have foul odor. Dried tea leaves of the used tea bag can be scattered on the carpet to absorb the odor from the carpets, before giving it a thorough vacuuming. This is an easy, chemical-free way to deodorize your stinky carpets.

4. Zero-Waste Cleaning Solution:

We definitely love a flora smelling cleaning solution that makes your entire house revive. But have you ever wondered how many unhealthy chemicals are present in these solutions? You’d be surprised to know that tea bags when mixed with vinegar can be used as a natural cleaning solution. 

It is high time to ditch the harsh chemicals and opt for a zero-waste cleaning solution with used tea bags. To make this natural solution you will need to place the used tea bags in a jar and cover them with white vinegar. Seal the jar and let the solution sit for a few weeks. Then strain the reminiscent tea bags and transfer the infused vinegar into a spray bottle. And there you have it! An eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner for your home.

5. Refresh puffy eyes

We all have tried the sliced cucumber and potatoes placed on our eyelids for freshness and reducing dark circles. While they make a slight difference, used tea bags are surprisingly effective as well. Consuming excess amounts of salty food causes the body to retain more fluids due to its sodium content. One can see the most effect on their face in the morning – it gets puffy. A cold used tea bag over your puffy eyes will actually help depuff and soothe them.

It’s time to say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles with used tea bags! All you need to do is chill the used tea bags in the refrigerator, and then place them over your closed eyes for a refreshing eye compress. According to Healthline, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties present in the tea reduce puffiness and leave you looking bright-eyed and revitalized. 

Later you can even use the remaining tea leaves as compost manure, serving a dual purpose!

6. Soothing Sunburn Relief

Cool down sunburn skin with tea bags! The medicinal components in teas help in making the tea bag an emergency solution bag to minor injuries. Green tea is actually a solution people use to soothe their skin that is sunburned. It's not actually rubbing the tea bag against the sunburned skin but the brewed tea is used as the solution. 

You will need to brew a pot of tea using either a green, black or earl gray tea bag, let it cool, and then dip a cloth or cotton pads into the tea. The tea-soaked cloth or cotton pad is gently stroked against the affected areas to soothe the burn and promote healing. The cool tea can help relax your sunburns prior to seeking professional medical assistance. 

7. Hair Care

Tea bags for Hair care? We know! It sounds crazy right? Hair products or excess oil will build up over time, no matter how often you wash it with shampoo. To get your hair squeaky-clean, a tea wash is very effective. Black teas are associated with making your black hair shimmery and sleek whereas chamomile could help brighten the blondes. 

All you need to do is simply soak three or four tea bags in a cup of warm water, while you shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Let the tea cool down and finally, finish off by pouring the cooled tea-water over your head. Do not rinse off the tea-water wash. That's when the tea-water will do its magic. After all the washing, the tea-water washed hair should be left to air dry, leaving a smooth and squeaky clean set of hair. 

8. Frozen tea bags for small injuries

By now you must have definitely recognized the major uses of used tea bags. The most crucial anti-inflammatory properties are best to use on puffy eyes and swollen wounds. In addition to these, when the tea bag is frozen it does wonders. The coolness of a frozen tea bag acts like a natural pain reliever. It reduces swelling and discomfort from bumps, bruises, and even muscle aches. 

Black tea bags, in particular, offer a double effect with their tannin content that helps to constrict blood vessels and minimize inflammation. So, keep your freezer stocked with some used tea bags. It will definitely come in handy when you have a minor ouch. It’s like nature's tiny first-aid kit. 

Who knew that tea bags could be so versatile and eco-friendly? From nurturing your small kitchen garden and enhancing your compost manure to beautifying your home and supporting your overall health. These creative uses for tea bags show that they are much more than a one-time brew. From compost manure to anti-inflammatory eye patches, a used tea bag can do it all. 

So, next time you enjoy your cup of tea, remember that the magic of tea extends far beyond the teapot! The versatility of tea bags will help you discover a world of eco-friendly and creative uses that will leave you amazed. These fun and sustainable ideas make these little tea bags a true trendsetter!

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