Wall Tea Infusion Simplified

With this tool, brewing tea and blends has become as easy as ABC. A spoonful of your favorite tea, boiled water and a cup of dazzling brew is ready for you.

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How wall tea infuser has made easy to brew tea and being favourite among tea lovers

Smart Design

A fused glass strainer acts as a filtration barrier allowing for a full, unconstricted infusion to occur. No soggy leaves to hinder your tea experience.

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A heartful of brew

A heartful of brew

One mighty 440 ml size will fulfill all your tea desires. No re-brewing, refilling for the hour. Just brew them once and get your day going.

Tested durability

Tested durability

The laboratory grade and heat resistant borosilicate glass is extremely durable. Each Wall® teacup is fully recyclable and dishwasher and microwave safe!

Tested durability
How to brew

Go through the video and see how to brew tea using Wall Tea Infuser.

Customer Reviews

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Ellie Mertens
Elegant, Functional

The design is simple and elegant, and much less fiddly than a traditional steeper, and easier to clean. I'm used to drinking tea from opaque mugs, but watching water become a gorgeous tea through the clear glass is so beautiful, I'll never go back! In addition to the delicious taste and smell, I can also enjoy my tea as a visual delight! The Wall tea infuser really creates a feast for the senses.

Samara Askew
Amazing cup!!!!

I am glad I stumbled onto this company. I just started my journey with loose leaf tea and this infuser cup is perfect!! I already bought a second one and sister is planning on buying one as well. Thanks so much!! You can not go wrong with this infuser!

Maria Grimaldi
A Great Way to Fully Enjoy Nepal Tea

This glass cup allows me to enjoy watching the tea leaves unfurl and to re infuse it. I do wish it would have a glass lid to help keep it warm and encourage proper infusion.

Do you Carrie the mug with the left handed option.
Looking for a left handed mug

Loved my mug but it got broken and I am having a hard time finding another left handed wall glass mug infuser. Loved it loved it.

Dolores Vagi
Easy to hold

Like the whole experience. One step preparation and drinking. Like seeing the tea and strength of brew. Makes it easy to determine if you can add more water to get an extra cup of tea . Will use for one or two cups at a time. I’ve even added water a third time and let it sit for hours ...nice light drink!