How is your tea made

With the arrival of spring marks the blooming of the first buds. 

When the tea producers are ready, the farmers begin the plucking. 

The freshly hand-plucked teas reach the tea producers! 

The teas are now ready for further preparation! The fresh tea leaves are loaded unto the withering troughs.

They're left there for any amount of time ranging from 4 to 14 hours (depending on what tea the producers are making). Each leaf is under constant monitoring.

When the tea producer deems it time, the withered leaves are loaded into rolling machines. 

 After the leaves are rolled and all of its sweet juices are invited out of the leaves, they're either left for a brief time to ferment... 

or left to dry. All the teas in our collection are dried in a drying machine where temperature is easier to control. 

The dried leaves transform into the beauties that make your favorite brew! 


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