Why is drinking organic tea important?

To be blunt, asking why drinking organic tea, in this age, is like asking why not drinking chemicals is important. 

But there’s a lot to the process itself that can break down exactly the difference between organic tea and non-organic tea. 

There are people who, without doing proper research, roll their eyes at organic produce. And while it's true, in this world of unequal prosperity, a blanket approach to organic products, which are in general more expensive and are unavailable to people with limited access is not right. 

But we do believe that it is important to know the importance and the key difference between a grocery store bought tea bag and organic specialty orthodox teas like the ones we provide. 

As mentioned in our previous blog, organic teas are important because they’re produced in an organic farm that uses zero chemical throughout the process of planting to packaging. 

This factor is especially important when it comes to loose leaf teas, generally known for its health benefits including antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins.

Why should you drink organic tea? 

Inside the factories where teas are made, the freshly plucked leaves aren’t rinsed. Rinsing tea leaves would mean decreased flavors and colors and messing around with the natural flavors. As soon as the teas are plucked, they are taken to the withering trough, then onto the rolling, drying and separating. 

This means if your tea isn't 100% organic, your first brew is basically a cup full of residual chemicals. 

That’s why it’s so important for your tea, especially loose leaf tea to be 100% organic. 

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