We are Nepal Tea Collective

Nepal Tea Collective is an immigrant-owned business established in 2016. We are a public benefit corporation that distributes freshest teas, organically grown and packed at origin in Nepal, to the US and worldwide.

Our teas come from four different small-holder farms in Nepal.

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate & Research Centre (KTE) is located at Ranitar in the remote hilly region of Panchthar district in eastern Nepal at an altitude of 1300-1800m. The tea garden lies at the foothills of Mt. Kanchanjangha, the third tallest mountain in the world. The enterprise was launched in 1984 by Mr. Deepak Baskota, our founder Nishchal Baskota’s father, along with the local farmers on a cooperative model. Over a 100 farmers joined hands, pooled in their marginal land holdings and became owners of the first orthodox tea plantation covering nearly 94 hectares of land.

La Mandala Specialty Tea

La Mandala- Established in 2016, La Mandala Specialty Tea is the only carbon-negative factory in Nepal. Led by veteran tea expert Sonam Paljor Lama La Mandala has been actively producing specialty teas. With joy and compassion, La Mandala Specialty Tea has also been pushing the growing tea culture in Nepal ahead by organizing various tea tasting events with and for the local youths. In collaboration with Nepal's Tea and Coffee Board, La Mandala has also been providing a professional certificate course on Tea appreciation.

Jasbire Tea Factory

Jasbire Tea Factory was established in 2017. The tea factory has been producing specialty teas since its establishment. Each tea produced inside the factory is closely monitored by Sharad Subba, the owner himself. Jasbire Tea Factory is an accumulation of years of Sharad's hard work to dive deep into the world of tea. Jasbire works closely with the community in the village it is named after and supports a slowly increasing group of farmers around. Due to its unique and pure flavors, thanks to the microclimate in Jasbire, the tea has been greatly appreciated all over the world.

Baraha Group

Baraha Group has been producing finest quality tea for the last five decades in Nepal. Spreading across more than 40 acres of land, Baraha Group produces around 40 tonnes of high quality tea of different varieties every year. Baraha Group's first tea garden was planted in the year 1978-79 and was cultured along the decades with the best possible organic methods known. Majority of their high quality tea is sorted manually and hand rolled by their members to achieve the best possible quality.

Our Promises

Farmers Impowerment

To empower a million farmers during our lifetime

Make tracable and transparent

Make tracable andtransparent

Remove middle-man

To move past the exploitative middlemen and work with farmers and producers directly

Bridging the gap

To move past the exploitative middlemen and work with farmers and producers directly

Planting tea saplings

To move past the exploitative middlemen and work with farmers and producers directly

Tea producers to the forefront

To move past the exploitative middlemen and work with farmers and producers directly

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Fresh Teas from Farm to Tea Lovers

Fresh Teas plugged from farm

Our farmers hand-pluck every single leaf at an altitude of 4000-6000 feet!

Nepal Tea

Being vertically integrated, we eliminate all unwarranted middlemen!


After plugged the fresh teas are delivered to our consumers.

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