Why We're Unique!

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Only Hand-plucked...

Our farmers hand-pluck every single leaf at an altitude of 4000-6000 feet! 

Tea plucking is no easy feat and more so if you are not using any machines. Unlike commercially produced teas around the world, all our teas are hand-plucked in the serene hills of eastern Nepal. The climate, elevation, rural pollution free environment and its traditional cultivation method  create the most unique teas; ones that are of exceptional taste and quality but are relatively rare and unknown to the world. 

Certified Organic...

Did you know that tea is never washed in its entire production?

Not just us, no where in the world is it washed, therefore, if chemicals are sprayed in the tea bushes, the first time is gets rinsed is YOUR cup! This is number one reason why you should always be drinking organic tea. We know it might not always be possible but at least know the source you are getting your tea from.
The problem is also on the farmer's side. Certifications cost a lot of money, therefore, we help our farmers get certified organic. In the event they are not able to afford the certification costs, we at least encourage/monitor and test their teas before getting to your household.

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Freshest Teas Possible...

We pack all our teas at origin in the final packing that you receive!

Did you know that you are the first person opening this tea after it has been packed in Nepal? Isn't that pretty cool? We package our teas directly at origin so you receive the freshest tea possible. What this also means is that there is far less hands touching your amazingly fresh teas. 

In general tea passes through a lot of middlemen and it takes almost 3 to 6 months before it reaches you. By this time, when multiple middlemen are packing and re-packing, the teas loose its prime freshness and flavor. Therefore, a lot of the times, when you open a regular packet of tea, it fails to wow you with the garden fresh smell. Well, you'll never have that problem with our teas! :)

No Middlemen...

Being vertically integrated, we eliminate all unwarranted middlemen!

We've been producing teas for over 36 years now and ever since we've always tried to shorted the supply chain as much as possible. Finally, when Nepal Tea was established in the US in 2016, our dream, of becoming an institution that has control over the entire supply chain, came to fruition. 

So, from the initial plucking of the tea plants to the final tea being sent to you, we are in full control in terms of quality and service that you receive. This helps us top distribute a greater share of the revenues to the primary producers, which takes us one step further towards achieving our ultimate vision of uplifting the tea farmer's living standards and getting them out of poverty within their generation! 

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Locally Made Bamboo Pouches...

If you see inconsistencies in our packaging, its because they are all handmade! 

We have a lot of bamboos in our farm like in many other parts in Nepal. So, we thought why not put it to a great use! We trained some of our farmers to weave the bamboos together to make these beautiful pouches. We are still working to train and implement a full-scale business proposition out of these bamboo pouches, but it sure does provide extra income for some of our farmers and that's something we are really proud of.

Furthermore, these bamboo pouches are better than plastic pouches and are biodegradable so we think its a win-win; for the people and for the environment. What's more? These pouches are so sturdy and strong that they prevent any damage to the teas inside them during their long travel from Nepal across the world.

Complete Transparency...

Do you know where your tea comes from? 

Perhaps, this is the most important question we can ask anyone in terms of any food and especially tea! Do we know our sources? Can you believe that asking a question as simple as "where did this come from?" will help farmers get a better price for their teas in the long run? Teas are sources, combined and blended to an extent that some commercial teas in the industry will have several sources of tea which are more often not revealed to get the lowest price possible. Therefore, as consumers we urge you to ask this question, every time you are sipping any tea!

We are also working on a radical transparency movement to challenge the current stereotypes. Though we are not experts, we are working to build a blockchain ledger system that will give you all the information about your teas. For now, however, we have QR codes that when scanned with your cell phones will tell you a lot of information about where, how, when was your packet of tea produced! 

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Empowering Farmers...

We're on a mission to end vicious cycle of of poverty for tea farmers within their generation!

Our farm was established in 1984 by Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota, with a vision to rid the community out of poverty. While we've come a long way in the past 36+ years and really transformed the rural village of Phidim, into a model organic community, the work remains. We strive to further our impact to many more farmers and communities to achieve a sustainable and honorable living standards for our tea farmers. 

We currently direct our social impact work through Nepal Tea Foundation. Please feel free to browse though our work on the scholarship project, cow-bank project, farmers' co-op and the thrift store by visiting our foundation's website.

Empowering Consumers...

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between you and our farmers!

Since our inception, we've vowed to bridge the gap between the producers and the consumers. It is vital to us that you, as our consumers, know where the tea is coming from and also who are the makers of those teas. Similarly, it is very important for our farmers to know who are they making the teas for every single day. Furthermore, we want you to be informed consumers and therefore, our packaging and QR codes give you full information on the teas to empower you to empower our farmers. 

We've incorporated a few things in the tea packing and also a few programs that bring you together to our farmers and really bridge that gap. If you have not, check out our Immersive Tea Tourism program that really takes it to the next level in terms of bridging the two worlds.  

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Tea, Tourism and Social Change!

Here's a bit more about our Immersive Tea Tour. Check out the video and register!

Excited to try our teas yet?

Nepal Tea Sampler Collection

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11 Different Varieties

Our sampler set is the best way to try all the varieties. We're pretty confident you'll find your next favorite! 

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Handmade Mandala Bag

The teas come in a locally handmade mandala bags of various colors. 

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Award-Winning Teas

The sampler includes our white tea that won bronze medal in Global Tea Championship 2019 along with many other black teas that won people's choice awards in many tea festivals.