Benefits of Choosing Organic

Ever wondered what the real impact of choosing organic is? We did a little research based on mainstream sources, as well as a highly referenced study conducted by the European Parliament. While it is extremely important to do your own research and make your own health decisions, we wanted to highlight a couple of the main benefits we found!

  1. Limit your exposure to toxins: High exposure to chemical pesticides is linked to a variety of diseases and disorders such as cancer, digestive dysfunctions, headaches, ADHD, birth defects, and weakened immune system. As opposed to traditionally farmed produce, Organic foods and drinks are mostly free of these chemicals, and therefore limit your exposure to these chemicals. For example, organophosphorus, a commonly used chemical in pest control, is associated with various developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Additionally, new studies suggest that organic crops have up to 48% lower levels of toxic metal cadmium than conventional crops.

  2. Increase antioxidants: The positive effects of antioxidants on your overall health have been established in a number of studies, especially those derived from organic foods. Due to the lower levels of chemicals that can potentially react to the naturally occurring compounds in your diet, your absorption of antioxidants can often be higher than with traditionally farmed produce. Some positive impacts of antioxidants include: prevention of heart disease, cancer, vision problems, premature aging, and cognitive malfunction!

  3. Environmental safety: Many of the pesticides used in conventional tea farming contain excess heavy metals, which can wash downstream and contaminate surrounding soil and water. Not to mention, you have the added problem of harmful chemicals in fertilizer run off, which can further kill organisms in surrounding habitats. In fact, the use of pesticides damages the ecosystem by killing off up to 99 percent of the insects on any given farm, which can lead to an overtake of the species that the pesticides don’t kill. Finally, if there is the constant use of fertilizers, it can lead to harder soil and chemical dependency in the long term.

  4. Safer conditions for farmers: Unfortunately, it is common to see tea farmers and field workers spray their crops without using essential protective gear. By taking away the use of pesticides, you drastically improve the working conditions and the farmers' potential exposure to chemicals. In fact, some of the most active supporters of organic tea farming are those who have been impacted directly by the devastating health effects of chemical farming methods.

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