Flavor Profiles of Farmer’s Green Tea Reserve: Nepal's Rarest Green Tea

Farmers' Green is one of Nepal's most precious, single-origin green teas. Crafted in small batches by artisanal tea producer Sharad Subba. Cultivated on organic farms of the remote and high-altitude tea mountains in Eastern Nepal, Farmer's Green is unique for its gentle and buttery mouthfeel, complete lack of bitterness and an umami aftertaste. 

At a first glance, the tea leaves can be confused with the famous Jasmine Pearls green tea from China.  Both teas are rolled into small pearls, with a deceptive silvery hue that many tea drinkers associate with white tea. However, unlike Jasmine Pearls, Farmers' Green is completely unscented, it's fragrance and aroma true to the tender tea leaves from which the tea is crafted. 

The Flavor Journey of Fresh Farmer’s Green Tea Leaves: 

Green Tea Leaves Flavors

These green tea leaves have the tippy and green taste of organic green tea, without any of the characteristic grassiness or bitterness.

The Farmer’s Green green tea leaves take you on an incredible flavor journey. 

  1. Dry Leaf Aroma: Once you open your package of Farmer’s Green, take in a gush of fresh, floral hints with sweet sage undertones. 
  2. As you take in the floral aroma, you’ll experience a whiff of delicious nutty aroma.
  3. Using two grams of dry leaf in your tea pot, pour (temperature) of hot water into your tea pot and let your leaves steep for 3 minutes. 
  4. Enjoy the resplendent garden fresh aroma reminiscent of the fresh and misty winds of the 6000 ft Himalayan elevation of Nepal’s tea gardens. 
  5. Take a slow and sweet first sip. Let the mellow, fine white wine smoothness wash over your taste buds. 
  6. After the first sweet and buttery characteristics that are similar to that of white tea, you will experience a mellow flavor profile bursting with creamy and floral notes. 
  7. Your first sip will leave a lingering umami aftertaste that will leave you longing for another sip of Farmer’s Green.
  8. Sip away and enjoy this culinary alchemy at its finest. 

Making of the One-Of-A-Kind Green Tea Leaves. 

The secrets of the beauty and complex flavors of Farmer’s Green lies in its name itself. Farmer’s Green green tea leaves were crafted by one of the best tea artisans in Nepal: Sharad Subba. 

Farmers' Green Green tea leaves

Sharad Subba’s farm lies in the Himalayan Mountain valley, at an altitude of 6000ft above sea level. At this incredible height, Sharad’s farm enjoys snowy winds from the mountains, pristine snow-melt waters, and mineral-rich soils that allow the best of green tea flavonoids to gather in the young leaves and buds of the tea plants. These flavonoids not only translate into a delicious and flavorful cup of tea, but also give you a wealth of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, without any of the bitterness you usually associate with green teas. 

Whatsmore, the green tea farms are completely organic, which ensures that the true, deeply flavorful taste of the tea is unaltered by the addition of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Once a year in the summer-time, the top leaf and bud of these tea plants are gently hand-plucked, and traditionally processed into a beautiful silver-green tea.

With 20 years of experience in the tea industry, Sharad Subba is a tea maker who has journeyed from being a tea plucker to a tea maker in big factories. Longing for more creative freedom and driven by the art of experimental teas, Sharad took the bold leap of opening his own factory. It was there that, after three years of careful crafting, that he finally perfected the rare and gorgeous Farmer’s Green tea! He dedicates this tea to all the tea makers who choose the unconventional path. 

How to Get Your Supply of Limited-Edition Green Tea Leaves: 

Farmer’s Green green tea leaves are a rare find, even among the rare teas grown in Nepal’s Himalayan tea mountains. It takes a long time to cultivate the tender green tea leaves, to carefully pluck and select them for processing, and the processing is also a fine, highly refined journey that relies on the skill of the tea maker. 

This is why we only have small amounts of Farmer’s Green, making these green tea leaves even more precious. Only a few lucky tea lovers are able to taste Farmer’s Green when it is released, and is only sold by Nepal Tea Collective. Get this tea here. 


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