Gift Guide- Perfect gifts for tea lovers

Tea lovers are the oddball in most friend groups. Give them a cup of tea and a window with a view and they’ll smile and stare away for a crazy long time. So technically, these goofballs should be the easiest people to give a gift to and yet, when the holidays come around and pulling a box of generic tea off the supermarket rack feels a little unfair.  So to solve this dilemma, we’ve come up with the perfect premium loose leaf tea directly from Nepal tea gift guides for your tea lover friends. 

Nepal Tea Collective has an interesting range of gift collections, designed, curated, and delivered especially with global tea lovers in mind. 

Before we get into the specifics of these prized gift collections, find out the positive impact each purchase with Nepal Tea Collective has in the world; 

  1. For every pack of tea sold, we plant a tea sapling in Nepal
  2. Every pack of tea pays smallholder farmers and producers a fair price
  3. Every pack brings customers closer to the tea makers and farmers with a QR code scan available in every package
  4. 1% of our revenue goes back to the farmers invested in training, factory maintenance, and health check-ups.
  5. Every pack directly supports the education of 21+ children 

Now, onto why all of us are here– to bring that priceless smile to our tea-loving companions!

Tea Lovers Bundle

This bundle is a celebration of people’s love for tea! If your friend is the kind of tea drinker who cannot make up their mind about which tea to drink next because how would they ever choose between their babies, then Nepal Tea Collective has solved this problem for you. 

Their greatest struggle with tea is probably the indecision over wanting white tea or black tea or green tea. We totally sympathize and we totally empathize. With this tea lovers bundle, you’re simplifying everything. At a price ($39.99) that beats all other prices in the market, get all three together. 

With flavors that get the flavor wheel turning and rocking, this bundle contains Silver Yeti, Kumari Gold, and Ganesha Green! 

Read more about the amazing Nepali teas in this bundle and buy your friend an amazing holiday gift here. 

Nepal Tea Club Subscription Gift 

Nepal Tea Collective has solved one of the most popular tea problems-choosing and exploring good teas. With this $25-a-month subscription for three months, tea lovers receive exclusive flavors from extremely rare flushes tea and award-winning classic teas at their doorstep every month. This gift box comes with the choicest varieties of brew. Every month, your friend will get a little pause of delight for your loved ones.


A special treat with the freshest and the most fantastic flavors including the first flushes directly from the Himalayas every month. We are 100% sure that the receiver of these amazing Nepali teas will be squealing in joy!

Read how other members have loved this gift and its amazing perks here. 

Nepali Breakfast with traditional chiya glass

Nepali breakfast tea is for anyone who loves masala chai. Though it does not include some specific Indian masala chai ingredients, it sure will give you a perspective on a simpler yet beautiful cup of chai. Nepali Breakfast Tea has a kick that brings the best to mornings and great flavors and is perfect to start any day.

Although the tea doesn’t have cardamom and star anise, but the tea makes up for it with unique aromas from organic ingredients like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper. Nepali Breakfast will invigorate all mornings. 

And surprise surprise, the end of the year is big for holidays not just in the US but everywhere. In Nepal, we’re getting ready for the biggest festival called Dashain. So paying homage to the beautiful mornings of Dashain weather, we’re offering free Nepali chiya glasses with Nepali breakfast. Buy a couple and you have a good cheers moment! 

Buy Nepali Breakfast now and get a traditional Nepali chiya glass for free!

Nepal Tea's Holiday gift set

And we’re finally here with the star of the show. Curated with love for the very essence of winter and everything holiday, this gift set emulates the holiday mood itself. 

Starting with the most delicious of winter black teas- Kanchanjangha Noir and Kumari Gold, and a foldable infuser to change the game, and double-walled vacuum mugs to extend the delicious Nepali tea’s warmth for an uber long time this gift set promises holiday spirits. Delicious 100% organic chocolates from a business called one of Forbes's best 25 small businesses of America- Askionoise ensures a delightful rise of happiness and a Kathmandu Cosmos candle, gift this set to your loved ones and set the holiday spirit right.

Read more about why the Nepal Teas Holiday gift set is the perfect gift set for your tea lover friend and buy them here.


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