Iced Watermelon White Tea Recipe

To mess with the naturally gifted and flavored perfection that White teas are can feel like a crime. A lot of the recipes out there that involve white teas can feel like they’re trying too much. 

After all, the beauty of the white tea and its nuanced notes is one that’s most sought after. We personally have been experimenting with a few versions of recipes available on the internet to see how we could expand on the sanguine nature of the tea perfect for summer afternoons! 

And we found the answers in watermelons! 

As the temperature rises and watermelons make their bright appearances in the market, we found these iced watermelon white teas to be a summer boon. 

So here we go! 


First slice and freeze the watermelon for a couple of hours. 

When your heart desires that hope in a glass kind of drink, brew your white tea. 

We usually recommend  2-3 grams of our white teas to be brewed in 8.5 oz of water at 180 degree fahrenheit for four minutes. 

Depending on how sweet or naturally subtle you want your iced tea to be, add maple syrup according to taste. 

And as much ice required to melt away the summer heat! 


  • Mix maple syrup and warm white tea together
  • Drop the frozen slices of watermelon into the glass 
  • Pour the sweetened white tea into the same glass 
  • Wait a few seconds to let the water melon soak the white tea 
  • Add a few ice cubes to the glass
  • Stir until you get the perfectly chilled watermelon white tea!
  • This drink will keep your day chilled and happy. 

And BONUS, just when you think you’re done with the drink, you get these amazingly juicy watermelons to nibble on if you haven’t already! 

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