Kumari Gold: A Unique Black Tea

Kumari Gold: Why Is It Unique?

Kumari Gold is a black tea with a unique twist. It is a special tea for us and this article will explain how and why this tea stands out among other teas.

Novel Production Process

Our special Kumari Gold black tea, often known as golden tips tea, has quite a bit of unique tweaks to the normal black tea processing technique. Similar to other specialty teas, generally only one leaves and the terminal bud are carefully plucked during the second flush (summer season). 

The freshly hand-plucked delicate leaves are withered for several hours to get the moisture out of the tea leaves so that the leaves remain intact during the rolling process. The rolling process is done in several stages with low-medium and high pressure during which great care is taken so as not to break the leaves but also bring out the essential oils and other aromatic components of tea to life. After a complete rolling process of about 20-25 minutes, the leaves are set to oxidize for 8-10 hours depending on the type of leaves and the season.

Awards and Recognition

Kumari Gold has bagged accolades from multiple Tea Competitions. It has won 1st place winner in the 2020 Toronto Tea Festival, 2nd Prize at the 2022 Paris Tea Competition AVPA, and got 93/100 score at Tea Epicure from the one and only Tony Gebely.


This tea is very special to us. The name "Kumari" represents the only form of living Goddess in Nepal and also happens to be the middle name of our founder’s mother. She planted the first tea bush in the Tea Estate (which was their backyard back then) in 1984. She has truly been the living Goddess of all the farmers who work for our factory and their children. Therefore, we dedicate this most precious tea to her.

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