Nepal Tea: 2022 plans

Well isn’t the key to achieving one’s resolution to remember them beyond the first day of the year? Nepal Tea too has some resolutions for this year. Sharing them here to have visual reminders for everything we do this year and to have something to come back to every time we’re hit with a curb ball.



We want to be more intentional about everything from the way we do business to the way we talk to our customers, our suppliers and just any facet of work we carry out. With a clear set of framework and possible outcomes, we want to be more organized. One of these goals is to convert to a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to not just claim we are a social enterprise or a company focused on social impact but to really walk the talk. 

The intention also applies for our internal planning. As mentioned in our learnings from 2021, we realized hustling to get any project or campaign running in a matter of a week was just raising our cortisol levels. Add to that a team functioning on two-three different time zones and thousands of miles away, the stress just piles on. So, another goal for this year is to plan months in advance and tackle any issues that may come along on time.


With the conversion to PBC structure, we’ll be setting ourselves to a higher standard to report our work as transparently as possible. We look forward to becoming more accountable and to work harder to achieve our goals. We are also working on making these transformations visible starting from our branding. Adding a bit of color and some non-verbal communication to show you how we really feel about our work.


As per our plans, and if things go as planned we’ll be growing at a record pace in 2022. However, we want to highlight the intention behind it as well and are not just trying to grow for growth sake. We will be crossing our 5th year and stepping into our 6th year in March 2022 which is a landmark for us. Every one of you has supported us till date and we want to grow to make Nepal Tea more sustainable and impactful in every level from our farmers to founders, to customers to employees, just everyone!


While fostering community is in our core values, we have not been able to do that as much on a customer level as we might have on our producer level. So, we want to create and foster a community with our growing customer base in the US and around the world all the while maintaining and strengthening our relationship with our old and new farmer partners alike! 

We were able to attend only a handful of pop ups and tea fairs because of COVID-19. Although being online and focusing more on online campaigns has been a learning of its own, one thing we’re looking forward to most is meeting more of you, wonderful people in person. We want to reconnect with our old tea friends and make new tea friends while we are attending expos and tea fairs this year. 


After being in business for almost 5 years, we cannot say this enough- having mentors and a support system of your own is a must! Nishchal will be joining Global Good Fund 2022 Cohort in early January to really seek the mentorship and hone in on his leadership to drive more sustainable change and growth for Nepal Tea.

We cannot wait to see what life has in store for us in 2022 but we also have every intention to tackle things head on!

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