Nepal Tea pairing with Strand Books

1) My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh X Kanchanjangha Noir 

Moshfegh’s second novel is tender but full of dark humor as the unnamed protagonist spirals into a fanatical escalation into the world of prescription drugs. She does this all to duck the ills of the world and simply hibernate.  

We’ve paired this provocateur of a read with Kanchanjangha Noir for its high caffeine content.  An ironic match for  the protagonist's loopy attempted journey to sleep. 

2) Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger X Kathmandu Cosmos 

With a focus on Salinger’s fictional Glass family, Franny and Zooey present dual portraits of two amazing characters through two stories. A push and pull of emotions and captures the true distresses of early adulthood. 

Full of insightful observations, we’ve paired this book with Kathmandu Cosmos. This tea is a blend of a variety of healing spices with organic golden tips black tea. The burst of aromas and flavors should match the intensity of Franny and Zooey as the titular characters go through their emotional turmoils. . 

3) Woolgathering by Patti Smith X Nepali Breakfast 

Woolgathering is about the journey of becoming. The book encapsulates the writer’s journey of becoming an artist and introduces us, the readers, to her triber, a race of cloud dwellers and to the simple pleasures of being comfortable in the dark with nature and life. 

We’ve paired this unique book full of prose with Nepali Breakfast tea. The flavors in this tea encapsulates the distant memories of a warm breakfast in Nepal, a distant exotic land for most. Reading Smith’s prose can capture the feeling of home that Nepali Breakfast tea encapsulates. 

4) 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami X Kumari Gold

Murakami’s surreal writing style truly flourishes in this dystopian novel. It transcends genres that abridges romance, mysteries and fantasy into a compelling story. 

We’ve paired this long read with Kumari Gold, one of the sweetest teas. The tea should pair perfectly with the grasping pace of the peculiar storytelling and grasping pace of the book. 

5) 03: A Novel by Jean-Christophe Valtat X Kanchanjangha Verde

03 is a book about a young love story unfolding through hopeless mental meanderings of a cynic protagonist. 

We’ve paired this beautifully bitter book with Kanchanjangha Verde. The fruity flavors with grassy and nutty notes will be a great ode to the main character’s way of looking at the world. 

6) Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney X Organic Golden Milk

This novel witnesses the changes in needs and values as one grows out of the younger years and embraces the self with age. Rooney portrays hurt, emotional harm and growth through flowy and to the  heart dialogues. As the flawed characters go through life, one gets to reminiscence the people we were and connect with the people we’ve become today. 

We’ve paired this novel with Organic Golden Milk for its blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. This sweet and spicy brew symbolizes the relationship one has with their younger selves as we witness character struggle and grow into people they were meant to be. 

7) A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess X Mystique Melange

This book contains a lot of violence yet Burgess’ nightmarish vision of the future doesn’t glorify crime. It’s an exploration of the human morality in this artistic and linguistic achievement of a book. 

We’ve paired this book with Mystique Melange. The balance of spice and fruity flavors will flow seamlessly into the lyrical nature of Burgess’s world. 

8) An Ornithologist’s Guide to life: Stories by Ann Hood X Buddha’s Potion

In this anthology, Hood looks at her characters like she would at birds, through binoculars. Ann captures wonders in the seemingly mundane lives of women. These main characters seek escape, an open sky, to their cages in lives while letting the readers in on small moments of beauty and understanding.

We’ve paired this warm book with Buddha’s Potion for its flavor that is reminiscent of warm sunshine. The well-rounded white tea comes with mild citrus and herbal flavors that reveals complex layers with every steep, almost like the characters that Hood explores in the book.  

9) Cities I've Never Lived In by Sara Majka X Farmers Green Tea

Sara Majka's debut collection explores the emotional spaces that open up between family members, friends, lovers and sometimes even the different versions of self we seem to adopt with time. This anthology has a collection of delicate stories that echoes with each page. These stories linger and the haunting images of the everyday life moments return at odd times with a whisper of understanding and deja vu. 

We’ve paired these stories with Farmers Green Tea. It’s deceiving looks of a white tea comes with low caffeine content and will help you enter the dream-like prose that Majka has composed with little resistance.

10) A Girl Is A Body of Water by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi X White Prakash

This novel is a voyage through time. A coming of age story of a young Ugandan girl as the protagonist attempts to reconnect with her roots. The story is rich in Ugandan folklore, history and tradition. This story is about growth and the million obstacles on its way. 

We’ve paired Makumbi’s brilliant book with White Prakash tea. Prakash literally means ‘bright light’ in Nepali language. The tea comes with bright organic flavors of spring blossoms and melted butter flavors. A subtle tea with flavor that keeps growing with every steep, this will stay well with Makumbi’s magical realism. 

11) Beautiful Country: A Memoir by Qian Julie Wang X Silver Yeti Tea

Qian Julie Wang has penned a story with unforgettable charm and strength. A story about an educated family reduced to an all-saying immigrant status, this memoir documents invisibility, and a girl coming of age in the shadows of a new world.

This courageous book will pair well with Silver Yeti tea for its clean and silky taste. Wang has bore her heart out with this story and this tea with subtle notes of vanilla and sweet hay, will quietly cheer young Wang on as she struggles to grow up in America. 

12) The Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni X Shangri-la Oolong Tea

The Mistress of Spices is a tale of joy and sorrow and one special woman's magical powers. Divakaruni has created a relatable protagonist despite her magical prowess. One feels the character’s struggles and frustrations and can’t help but cheer her rebellion on.


An ode to all the spices in the story, we’ve paired this book with Shangri-la Oolong tea, a spicy loose leaf tea with biscuits and peppery aromas. We hope this combination will augment the reading experience. 

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