Quick Cocktail: Orange Lemongrass Gin

As the weekend approaches, the home bar will start calling you. You have survived the week and now it is truly time for a deserving break. 

This organic lemongrass recipe is our experiment of balancing the bitterness of gin with the tarty-citrusy flavors of Nepal Tea Collective’s Organic Lemongrass and some slices of fresh orange! 

It brought us lots of joy and we hope to share some with you too. 

Don't have lemongrass in your pantry? Stock up with Nepal Tea Collective's Organic Lemongrass: 



  • Slice an entire orange into thin pieces (for citrus lover, orange can be replaced with lemon or other juice fruits as well) 
  • Place the orange slices into an airtight jar. 
  • Pour gin or other alcohol of your choice into the jar. 
  • Let the jar sit in a shaded corner for about 24 hours. 

24 hours later..

We usually recommend 5 minutes of steeping time but you can let the concoction be stronger and let the brew get cooler in the same jar. 

Pull out the gin infused orange slices from its dark corner.

Add a few ice cubes to your favorite gin and tonic sipping glass. Experts usually recommend a highball glass, but since this recipe is for a delightful afternoon at the comforts of your own home, it is yours for the choosing!

Let the orange slices stick to the sides of your glasses. 

Pour the lemongrass slowly into the glass.


With every sip, press the orange slices to get that extra zing and pep! 

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