Tea recommendations for zodiac signs: Leo

As the August wind roars, Leos wakes up from their slumber. It’s their time to party. There are many projects to lead and complete, many people to help succeed. And we, at Nepal Tea Collective, are here for your tea needs! 

The period for the fifth astrological sign begins from July 23 to August 22 and we thought why not match the Leo sign and their traits with some of the best Nepali loose leaf teas in the world! After all, we do have some experience in cooking up some concoction. 

Leo : The lion

Leo is one of the oldest constellations in the sky. Archaeological evidence suggests that Mesopotamians had a constellation similar to Leo as early as 4000 BC. The Persians knew the constellation as Shir or Ser, Babylonians called it UR.GU.LA (“the great lion”), Syrians knew it as Aryo, and the Turks as Artan.

Leo represents the lion and is usually associated with the Nemean lion. The Greeks associated Leo with the Nemean lion, the beast defeated by Heracles during the first of his twelve labors. Both Eratosthenes and Hyginus wrote that the lion was placed among the constellations because it was the king of beasts.

The lion lived in a cave in Nemea, a town located to the south-west of Corinth. It set upon the local inhabitants and could not be defeated because it had impenetrable skin.  Until Heracles trapped the lion and defeated it. The triumphant Heracles later claimed Nemean lion’s golden pelt and won many battles. 

For this very reason we’ve paired the lion sign with Nepal Tea Collective’s Kumari Gold. We thought the match would be perfect for its bold flavors and undeniable charms. 

Kumari Gold is a full-bodied, high-quality Nepal gold tea with caramel and brown sugar aromas.  The golden black tea is a velvety cake with a sweetness that will bring a smile to even the most ferocious face. This tea has a pronounced caramel and brown sugar aroma that stirs into flavors of honey and baked fruits!

This works out perfectly to balance the often furious and aggressive Leos. The sweetness of the bold tea is bound to lift the mood and bring out the less witnessed playful side of Leos. 

We totally see Leos from all walks of life all over the world, taking a break to celebrate the present moment with a sip of Kumari Gold. After all, this award-winning tea is  a celebration in a cup. Like walking into a confectionary on a day off, Kumari Gold has the aromas that evoke comfort from within. 

Just as Leos famous winning at life character traits like creativity, passion, warm hearted, kindness, Kumari Gold too has its winning traits. It’s won thousands of hearts and many international awards!

Check out Kumari Gold Tea here!

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