The Ideal Teaware for different tea brewing needs!

Overwhelmed with the enormous amount of tea brewing essentials? Which would be the best for your favorite loose leaf? What are the best options? A tea connoisseur’s question paradise indeed! A tea enthusiast like you dear reader would want to have this sweet dilemma. You are bombarded with all the beautiful options of tea wear that would make you the perfect cup of tea. Just like the perfect outfit elevates your confidence, the right teaware can seriously elevate your cup. 

Your most prized pack of loose leaf tea deserves a more ceremonial and extensive experience than a quick dunk in hot water. A tea connoisseur could only dream of transforming their kitchen counter into a mini tea haven with beautiful brewing tools and specialized equipment. There's a whole world of tea accessories waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a casual tea sipper or a budding tea enthusiast, there is a tea accessory for each of you to make your tea journey even more enjoyable, or maybe even a little fancy.

In this blog, we have curated the top 5 best teawares from Nepal Tea Collective for your warm cup of loose leaf liquor, a perfect summer cold brew, or even a compact travel-friendly tea set for your ideal cup of tea. 

Wall Tea Infuser Mug

The WALL® Tea Infuser Bundle

The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is the best all-in-one tea mug. It was awarded as the “Most innovative product” in the World Tea Expo. This versatile vessel is perfect for a first time tea drinker or a well trained tea connoisseur like you. Scrambling for a tea pot, a strainer and cleaning it afterwards – it’s just an added process that delays you from enjoying your perfect cup of loose leaf tea. The Wall Tea Infuser Mug combines aesthetics with practicality. 

The Mug has a built-in strainer, and is made of a laboratory grade heat-resistant borosilicate glass. This clear glass mug allows you to watch the tea leaves unfurl and enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted drinking experience. The Wall Tea Infuser Mug has an amazing feature that supports hassle-free cleaning. It is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe, which means you can just reheat it in the microwave and throw it in the dishwasher to clean it. The loose leaf tea is directly infused in the Wall Tea Infuser Mug, which is all we want in our 1 step infuser mug.

This isn't just a mug; it's a conversation starter and a functional piece of art for your kitchen wall. This is a favorite teaware in the Nepal Tea Collective’s headquarters.

Cold Brew Infuser Bottle

Cold Brew Infuser Bottle

The Spring is warm but the sun gets a little crazy. To beat this heat, you would definitely want a refreshing pick-me-up. The Cold Brew Infuser Bottle is the ideal vessel to make your cold brew teas for the sunny spring days. The bottle's body is made of laboratory grade borosilicate glass. The bottle comes with a strainer attached and is the perfect cold brew vessel for tea lovers. 

Unlike most traditional brewing methods, this 800ml Cold Brew Bottle utilizes a built-in infuser basket attached to the cap of the glass bottle. To make the best cold brew, simply fill the bottle with cold water, add your favorite loose leaf tea or blend, and let it steep overnight in the fridge. The next day, you'll be rewarded with a smooth, flavorful iced tea – perfect for quenching your thirst which will surprise your taste buds. 

Plus, the sleek and portable design allows you to take your cool concoction anywhere, anytime. Be it a quick break between work or even a short break between your morning hikes, it's the best companion for you. Here in this blog, you can read about how this Cold Brew Infuser Bottle is used to make the best cold brew White Prakash that will be your go-to drink this spring.

Foldable Strainer

Foldable strainer

For tea enthusiasts like you, the Foldable Strainer is a must-have. This Foldable Strainer will transform any tea mug into a portable tea pot. With its foldable handle, the strainer fits into any tea mug. One cup and this strainer is everything you need and of course 

Crafted with a food-grade stainless steel along with foldable handles, this ingenious strainer collapses to a compact size. Unfold it whenever you need an emergency tea break, it transforms any mug or cup into your personal brewing station. It's the perfect solution for enjoying loose leaf tea without the hassle of bulky tea brewing equipment.

Nepal Tea Collective’s Foldable Strainer is a minimally designed strainer that will meet all your tea brewing needs with one simple solution that fits every tea mug. Steep your loose leaf tea leaves with ease, then simply fold the strainer and tuck it away for your next adventure.

Sphere Strainer 

The Sphere Strainer is a beautiful stainless-steel strainer shaped like a delicate sphere. It is a multi-purpose strainer that fits into any tea mug, teapot, or even cold brew bottles. It is the perfect strainer for both hot and cold teas that you brew. Its sphere design allows for optimal water flow, ensuring your loose leaf tea present inside steeps well and releases its full flavor potential. 

Whether you're using delicate white teas or bold black teas, the Sphere Strainer handles them all with finesse. The mesh strainer will filter the finest particles of the loose tea leaves. With this sphere strainer, there’s no waiting, messy pouring, or even cleaning. All you need to do is fill the sphere strainer with your best loose leaf teas, and dunk it in your favorite tea mug, teapot or even cold brew it. It just reduces all the steps from your tea brewing process. 

Beyond functionality, the Sphere Strainer adds a touch of visual appeal to your tea brewing process. It's just a simple mug of tea, but brewing your tea with a sphere strainer will make you look like a tea master with your cool tea accessories.

Tea Explorer Set 

The Tea Explorer Set

We saved the best teaware for the very end. We know you’re not the one to settle for a simple cup of tea, we have seen the adventurer in you. Exploring the various teas from around the globe, you definitely need a diverse taste palette for that. Your expedition will start with the Tea Explorer Set

This collection is designed to introduce you to the vast and exciting world of Nepal Tea Collective’s loose leaf tea and specialty tea bags. It consists of a travel size glass teapot, 14 sampler teas, packed inside a hand woven mandala bag. This set is perfect for when you want a handy and travel friendly tea brewing station. You are able to share it with your travel buddies – it’s like a bonding experience while you are brewing the different teas. 

The Tea Explorer Set comes with everything you need to steep your perfect mug of tea. All you need to do is place the loose leaves in the glass teapot and add some warm water on top of it. You can have a little tea tasting party with it. This set is the perfect carry it anywhere set for your next adventure, to create your portable tea brewing station. 

Whether you're a seasoned tea enthusiast or a curious newcomer into the world of teas, Nepal Tea Collective has the perfect teaware to elevate your tea experience. From the all-in-one Wall Tea Infuser Mug to the portable Foldable Strainer, each piece is designed for functionality as well as aesthetics. We have a teaware for every occasion of your day and your trip. So, explore our collection of tea accessories, and discover your favorites.

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