The Wall Tea Infuser Mug: All-in-one Brewing

For tea connoisseurs, tea brewing is a ritual in their daily lives. A moment of Zen that gives them their serotonin boost, until they have to clean up the mess they created while brewing the tea. 

Loose leaf tea unlocks a world of vibrant aromas and complex flavors, but can be messy to prepare and requires fiddling with separate infusers. Steeping the loose leaf tea for your perfect cup of tea is not the cleanest task one would encounter. The multi-step process of using a loose leaf strainer, hot water pot, and potentially stainable teapot before finally reaching your desired cup of tea can be tedious.

The WALL® Tea Infuser Bundle

 Enter The Wall Tea Infuser Mug, an award-winning and revolutionary mug that has surprised and delighted tea enthusiasts with its innovative design. It was designed by the masterminds at Boreal Wildcraft in Winnipeg, Canada. The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is a creative answer for tea connoisseurs seeking a simpler yet exceptional tea brewing experience. This ingenious creation eliminates the hassle of tea brewing and elevates one’s tea experience to new heights. 

The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is an innovative mug where one can simply brew their loose leaf teas in the mug itself. No additional tea brewing utensils or tea ware will be required. Its built-in strainer makes sure that the loose leaf tea stays inside the mug.

You would not believe how innovative this tea mug is. It literally reduced the 5 step tea steeping process to one single cup. Mind Blowing! In this blog, we will enlighten you with the wonders this cup can do to your daily tea ritual. 

It has a built-in strainer!

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The Wall Tea Infuser Mug ditches the separate infuser basket altogether, opting for a more elegant and practical solution. It boasts a cleverly designed, fused glass strainer built directly into the mug itself. Gone are the days of wrestling with separate infusers or fishing stray leaves out of your tea pot. The built-in strainer keeps everything contained, eliminating the risk of loose tea leaves escaping into your beverage while enjoying it. 

Unlike basket infusers that can restrict tea leaf movement, The Wall Tea Infuser Mug allows for optimal water flow and full unfurling of the tea leaves. This translates to a richer, more flavorful cup of tea every single time.

It is made of a heat resistant borosilicate glass.

The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which offers a crystal-clear view of your tea as it steeps. When one watches the beautiful colors unfurl and appreciate the delicate dance of the leaves, it makes your tea experience truly visual. Whether you choose the 310ml or the 440ml size, the 100% laboratory grade and heat resistant borosilicate glass, the Wall Tea Infuser Mug will complement any kitchen's aesthetic. Its clean lines and functionality will definitely make it a conversation starter. 

It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

This Tea Infuser Mug will make you reduce one more step from your tea brewing process; the clean up. Just toss it in the dishwasher. Want to re-heat your cup of tea, just pop it in the microwave. You may ask, “Wouldn’t the glass shatter due to the excessive heat?” and we would say, “It’s completely fine! Our Wall Tea Infuser is made of 100% laboratory grade and heat resistant Borosilicate glass. Nothing can break it. Unless you drop it.”

It makes your tea time less complicated.

The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is perfect for beginners and tea enthusiasts. There are no complicated instructions or contraptions to master. It’s the simplest task one can uncover on their own. Just add your loose leaf tea leaves to the mug, pour hot water, and let it steep. Unlike the other teapots, our Wall Tea Infuser allows you to control the steeping time precisely. No more over-steeping or bitter brews! Sip your tea when it brews to perfection and re-steeping is child’s play. Just add more hot water to your cup! It's that simple. 

The Wall tea infuser mug, your favorite loose leaf tea or blend and a pot of hot water; the least number of tea wears required. And the best part; it's the sleekest cleaning process. Just rinse the Wall Tea Infuser cup!

The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is so convenient, you’ll have to try it!

The WALL® Tea Infuser627843626091

 Embrace the simplicity of brewing with the Wall Tea Infuser Mug. The Wall Tea Infuser isn’t just a regular and average mug; it's a game changer for your tea brewing ritual. It helps you reduce all the additional steps required while brewing your tea. It’s the most convenient tea brewing vessel one could ever find. Brew the loose leaf teas, let it steep, and drink it. All these steps occur inside one single vessel. You will just have to forget the extra fuss!

It’s everyone's favorite at Nepal Tea Collective!

A calming cup of loose leaf tea, steeped to perfection in The Wall Tea Infuser Mug; an ideal start to everyone’s morning at Nepal Tea Collective. Watching the loose leaves unfurl, releasing their vibrant colors and aromas – a sight to see while working and talking about teas all day at Nepal Tea Collective. No-one fights about the dishwashing duty anymore because it is just too easy to clean the Wall Tea Infuser mug. 

It's the perfect marriage of convenience, innovation, and pure tea indulgence. It's a simple yet revolutionary design that has transformed our tea ritual and hopefully yours too.

In summary, with The Wall Tea Infuser Mug, every cup is a celebration of loose leaf tea, steeped to perfection and enjoyed with all our senses. The Wall Tea Infuser Mug is more than just a mug; it's an invitation to slow down, savor the moment, and appreciate the art of loose leaf tea. It offers convenience, visual appeal, and versatility, all while allowing you to appreciate the full flavor and beauty of loose leaf tea. A single mug with actually everything you need in it. Impossible to exist? Just get yours now already and prove the others wrong!

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