Top 5 Best Tea Infusers

Only a tea sommelier could be dreaming of the most perfect tea infuser one could ever have. And I bet you’re one of them, because you’ve stumbled upon this blog that will help you find the best tea infuser ever. The warm embrace in a mug, the invigorating aroma, the calming ritual – it's no wonder this ancient beverage has captivated hearts and taste buds for centuries. But for the loose leaf enthusiast, the question often arises: What's the best tea infuser? 

The plethora of tea infusers, those magical tools are the ones that help us unlock the full potential of our favorite loose leaf teas and blends. But, one is bombarded with a sea of options – infuser mugs, pot infusers, basket infusers, mesh strainer balls, or silicon infusers – choosing the best loose leaf tea infuser can leave you feeling like a lost leaf after a storm.

Don’t you worry, tea connoisseurs! Today, we will unveil the top 5 best tea infusers that we have handpicked for you that will perfectly match your tea-drinking style. 


Savoring a cup of tea, not worrying about the loose tea leaves getting your way or the later messy cleanup. Witnessing the vibrant dance of your favorite tea, blend or tisane as they release their calming aromas and revitalizing properties is a sight for sore eyes. Nepal Tea Collective’s, Wall Tea Infuser Mug, is the best tea infuser mug to ever exist. It redefines innovation, convenience, and aesthetics.

This sleek mug boasts a built-in strainer, made of a heat resistant borosilicate glass, allowing you to watch the tea leaves unfurl and enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted drinking experience. The Wall Tea Infuser is a team favorite at the Nepal Tea Collective’s headquarters. Hassle-free cleaning, dishwasher and microwave safe, directly infusing the tea into the mug, all we want in our 1 step infuser mug.


  • No separate infuser required. Fewer steps to enjoy your favorite tea.
  • Visually appealing to watch your tea leaves unfurl.
  • Dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning.
  • Easy to monitor steeping time for your perfect cup of tea.


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    Finum's permanent filters offer ample space for your tea leaves to unfurl and release their maximum flavor. The german made mesh brewing basket is crafted with durable, heat-resistant stainless steel micro-mesh encased in a BPA-free frame, these filters are built to last. Plus, they are dishwasher-safe for effortless cleaning! The filter serves a dual purpose: it helps retain heat while doubling as a drip-off tray, keeping your tea-drinking experience mess-free. 


    • Comes with a stainless-steel mesh
    • Suitable for brewing both tea and coffee
    • Comes with a filter basket along a hang-up hole
    • Made of a BPA-free material
    • easy to clean, dishwasher-safe


    • Doesnot come with a mug or cup 
    • Fine loose leafs may get clogged in the mesh


    When it comes to steeping or brewing your tea, normally people think of a traditional tea pot. A tea sommelier would ideally let the loose tea leaves unfurl amidst their sight in a clear glass teapot. Hence, Teabloom’s glass teapots are perfect for them, especially as they are made of the heat resistant borosilicate glass. This aids them to be heatproof while brewing the steaming cup of tea. The strainer is either in-built or is a separate stainless steel strainer that comes as a removable attachment to the glass teapot. It could be called the perfect tea wear for your daily tea ritual. 


    • Made of a heat resistant borosilicate glass
    • Beautiful sight of the loose leaves unfurling and releasing its colors
    • Easy cleaning as borosilicate glasses are dishwasher safe


    • Not a portable option for when you are on the go
    • Limited space for the loose leaf to expand 
    • The glass wall could be stained


    It's the new age infuser that is a fit for many. Silicone Tea Infusers add a touch of whimsy to your tea ritual. These tea infusers are crafted from food-grade silicone, and are heat resistant. The silicone infusers are fun, functional, and easy to clean. These adorable infusers come in various shapes, from playful animals to blooming flowers, making teatime an even more delightful experience. The infuser is stuffed with your favorite loose leaf tea, dunked into your best tea time mug, and enjoyed to perfection with a little silicone character dangling beside your cup.


    • Perfect for tea parties adding a fun element.
    • Dishwasher safe and silicone is naturally non-stick.
    • Tight closure ensures no loose leaves escape into your cup.
    • Perfect for taking your tea on the go.


    • Not suitable for large quantities of tea.
    • Not the ideal option for fine teas
    • Not every tea connoisseur will love it


    For the minimalist who values simplicity and functionality, the Mesh Tea Ball is a reliable choice. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a fine mesh, this simple ball lets you brew a clean cup of tea. The short hook with a dangling chain lets the mesh ball infuser hang inside your cup while you are enjoying your cup of tea. The stainless steel mesh ball is filled with your desired amount of loose leaf tea, securely closed, and steeped into your favorite mug or teapot. This classic infuser allows you to enjoy the full flavor of your loose leaf tea without any fuss. 


    • A budget-friendly option that's easy to use.
    • Dishwasher safe for effortless maintenance.
    • Perfect for taking your tea on the go.


    • Limited space for the loose tea leaves to unfurl
    • Not suitable for brewing large quantities of tea.

    So, there you have it, tea lovers! Our top 5 best tea infuser picks to elevate your loose leaf tea experience. Remember, the perfect tea infuser depends on one’s personal needs and preferences. Consider factors like size, functionality, aesthetics, and the type of tea ritual and tea you enjoy the most.

    We would like to know more about your preference! What's your favorite way to brew loose leaf tea? Share your preferred infuser and tea combinations. Nepal Tea Collective could cater to your needs soon!!

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