World's Highest Tea Party in Nepal: A beginning of new Nepali tea culture?

Nepal is a beautiful country. Its geography consists of the world's highest mountains and beautiful low terrains called Terai. The distance between the two extremes can come down to as little as 60 miles. 

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

This is one of the reasons why Nepal has such a diverse microclimate and why the teas grown in the foothills of mountains like Ilam and Panchthar are so full of flavors and life. 

Despite being such sought out brews all over the world, Nepali teas – specifically loose leaf teas, are still as popular as CTC teas or coffees. There is a bigger market, including numerous coffee shops and chains that highlight the Nepali coffee beans. 

With the news of Andrew Hughes setting a newly recognized record of holding the highest high tea party on Mount Everest on the mountain’s summit on May 23rd, 2021 making the round, there’s a positive hope for Nepali teas to reach newer heights in the local perspective. 

Guinness World Record officially recognized a new world record for the highest tea party ever held which was hosted by Andrew at 21,312 feet above sea level on March 1st, 2022. The record exceeded the previous mark by thousands of feet in altitude and was full of complexities, including carrying supplies through the treacherous Khumbu Icefalls in order to realize the highest of high tea parties.

Photo by Sulav Loktam

Tea on the mountain and in Nepal is more than the warmth within each cup. It is a way in which people come  together and connect at the lodges along the trek into Everest Base Camp and while on the mountain. The warmth in hand also gives an opportunity to warm one's heart and lift one's spirit no matter the conditions outside and which you are facing,” said Andrew in his official press release

The tea party was Hughes’ way to give back to the local community and climbers of Nepal. 

The high tea party was almost exactly a year ago. And the media coverage has had a positive impact on the way Nepali grounds, even the one at thousands of feet above the sea level, as a place to hold tea parties and share warmth with the people you know and love. 

This is not to say that there aren’t hundreds of hardworking Nepali people in the tea industry working every day and night to shine light on the local treasure. One of the reasons why Nishchal brought Nepal Tea Collective to America is to be able to grow the Nepali tea industry to its full potential one tea producer at a time. 

Photo by Suraj Shakya

We believe the global news can only bode well to the Nepali tea market and hope that more tea parties are held not just at the Everest base camp but everywhere. We hope that more Nepali people realize and recognize the amazing taste and flavors wrapped up in every single leaf of Camellia Sinensis grown on the Nepali soil. 

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