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Tea O'Clock Bundle

Three single-origin teas from the Nepali Himalayas with a tea infuser mug.
🍵 Chai for Morning
🍵 Black Tea for Afternoon
🍵 White Tea for Evening

Tea O'Clock Bundle

Tea O'Clock Bundle
Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit
Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit
Tea O'Clock Bundle
Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit
Tea O'Clock Bundle

Tea O'Clock Bundle

All-You-Need to Brew Tea:

Making tea has never been easier - drop the tea leaves in the WALL Tea Infuser and just add hot water!

Three Teas for Three Moods:

Need to spice up your life? Chai is here. Need something bold. Try the black tea. Maybe something lighter? Try our award-winning white tea!

Revenue Share with Farmers:

We share 1% of our top-line revenue, without considering our profits or loss. Tea consumption can be a socially beneficial act too.

  • Fresh | handpicked | direct
  • Certified Organic
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free shipping
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David McKean
Very good
Very Bad

Amazing product!!

Rosemary Moore
Fresh and delicious!

The price is really reasonable for the high quality of the tea. Great flavors.

Eugenia Kay Evans
Great producet

can't wait to start tasting all of them

Kumari Gold655222977175


It Doesn't Get Better Than Nepal Tea!

I bought teas from Nepal Tea Collective at a tea show after learning about Nepal Tea and all the great work they do to support and give back to their community. I was happily surprised that their tea was just as amazing as they are.

- Carolyn Canterman

What time is it? It's tea time!

Start your morning with Nepali Breakfast Chai, get a much needed caffeine + L-Theanine boost with Kanchanjangha Noir Black Tea, and relax in the evenings with the award-winning White Prakash White Tea.

Make your teas in the innovative WALL Tea Infuser.

The WALL Tea Infuser (420ml): The best way to describe this tea infuser mug is that it is the simplest and the oldest way to drink your favorite cup of loose leaf tea. Some even call it the grandpa/grandma way of drinking tea.

What makes this simple design special is that it has a built-in infuser. Therefore, when you’re drinking loose-leaf tea, the leaves are strained before it reaches your mouth. The design is so simple, yet so innovative, it is no wonder that it won the best new product award in the World Tea Expo.

It is very easy to use and really eliminates the hassle of brewing teas in a teapot or having to fiddle with multiple tea infuser parts. Just add your tea leaves, add water and let it sit for a few minutes, and then enjoy your tea The best part of this tea infuser mug is that because it’s all one handmade glass piece, it can go right in the dishwasher when you’re done with your tea!

Kanchanjangha Noir (Black Tea): Our classic black tea will give you the perfect introduction to specialty loose-leaf tea. You’ll forget why you even needed sugar in your teas. The fruity and floral aromas with hints of caramel and dark chocolate will surely invigorate the fresh feeling of being in the Himalayas. This tea will guide you to our 36+ years of tradition of making high-quality teas in the foothills of the third highest mountain in the world i.e. Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

White Prakash (White Tea): White Prakash is a velvety floral premium organic white tea with vanilla top-notes, and spring blossoms, muscatel, and melted butter flavors.

Nepali Breakfast (Chai): We call tea “chiya” in the Nepali language and most people start their morning with a cup of fresh and strong chai in Nepal. Our Nepali Breakfast gives you the most invigorated brew with its unique and special masala chai flavors. No wonder this is best selling tea! 

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