Amigo Khadka

Head of Strategies and Growth

Amigo joined Nepal Tea Collective recently, but as the saying goes last but not the least, with spectacular business adventures and experiences of his own. At 17, Nishchal and Amigo began their entrepreneurial journey together with naive dreams and big hearts. Now they’re back together with bigger hearts and crazy ambitions at their side.

Even as a teenager, Amigo was passionate about social entrepreneurship. As an adult, his passion has been accumulating and gathering momentum through various experiences like his social campaigns in Colby-Sawyer College and Upaya-his own logistic-tech startup in Nepal. Upaya - literally meaning solution in Nepali, at the time of its establishment was a social innovation solving everyday problems at both micro and macro level.

Now Amigo is with Nepal Tea Collective introducing organization and operational coordination within the team. He is the head of strategies and growth and basically reins Nishchal and Pratik’s big ideas into achievable operations. When asked what his plans are for Nepal Tea, he says  "Nepal tea should become in the tea market what greek yogurt is in the yogurt market! " and we simply couldn’t agree more!