5th January, 2024

The Most Sought-After Himalayan Green Tea

Nepal’s Iconic Farmer’s Green Reserve

by Shefali Uprety

Behind the craze for this beautiful green tea from Nepal is an incredible story!

Farmer’s Green, a micro-lot, reserve tea from Nepal is a gorgeous Himalayan brew. When this lush and tippy tea was launched back in 2021, tea lovers all over the world snatched it all up. A Himalayan tea that took months to hand-pluck and craft by some of the world’s best tea artisans was all sold out within less than a week! 

The Craze for Farmer’s Green Explained:

In 2021, several lucky tea connoisseurs got access to Farmer’s Green, but those who were late to the party missed out! Ever since, Nepal Tea Collective has gotten hundreds of requests for a new batch of Farmer’s Green. So why is this tea so beloved? We have a few reasons:

1. The Most Beautiful Tea From the Himalayas

A key specialty of the Farmer’s Green Reserve tea is that it is a truly deceptive tea. At first glance, Farmer’s Green looks like the delicate, first flush white tea that comes out of Nepal’s tea gardens every spring. It has the silvery hue and almost mimics the gentle curl of the famous Jasmine Pearls from China. 

But once you get a whiff of the aroma, and brew the gentle silvery-green leaves, you quickly realize that this is not just a green tea, but one of the very best and most flavorful green teas from Nepal!

2. A Mellow and Flavorful Green Tea

From the tea gardens of Nepal come some of the most flavorful green teas – tippy, buttery, and complex. This is because Nepal’s eastern mountains have some of the best conditions for growing and making green tea. The high altitudes of above 6000ft, snowy Himalayan winds, pristine mountain waters and mineral-rich soil create a perfect environment for the tea leaves to create high concentrations of delicious flavonoids. When you steep a cup of these tea leaves, they release these flavonoids into your cup, making for a richly flavored and healthy brew.

3. Plucked and Crafted Only A Few Times a Year

Farmer’s Green comes from special cultivars that have been carefully grown by Nepal’s dedicated and passionate farmers. The farms are completely organic, which ensures that the true, deeply flavorful taste of the tea is unaltered by the addition of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Once a year in the summer-time, the top leaf and bud of these tea plants are gently hand-plucked, and traditionally processed into a beautiful silver-green tea.

4. Crafted by the Finest Tea Artisans in the World

Farmer’s Green is crafted by one of the most creative, artistic and experimental tea artisans in the region – Sharad Subba. With 20 years of experience in the tea industry, Sharad Subba is a tea maker who has journeyed from being a tea plucker to a tea maker in big factories. Longing for more creative freedom and driven by the art of experimental teas, Sharad took the bold leap of opening his own factory. It was there that, after three years of careful crafting, that he finally perfected the rare and gorgeous Farmer’s Green tea! He dedicates this tea to all the tea makers who choose the unconventional path. 

Read more about Sharad’s story here.

5. From the Lush Tea Gardens Straight to Your Cup

Every single tea you buy from Nepal Tea Collective comes directly from Nepal’s high-altitude farms to your cup! The same is the case for Farmer’s Green. 

Not only is this tea beautiful, flavorful and one of a kind, it is also incredibly fresh! The freshly crafted teas are packaged right on the farm, vacuum packed for garden-like freshness, and then sent directly to your doorstep. You can scan the QR code available on each package of Farmer’s Green to follow the exact journey of your tea!

Farmers' Green

Farmers' Green

Farmers Green is one of the first teas from Nepal Tea Collective’s Reserve Teas Collection. Rare and finely crafted, this green tea has the gorgeous silvery hue of white tea, with the buttery, floral flavors and a lingering umami aftertaste of fresh green tea.
  • Flavor notes: Buttery sweet | Floral | Umami
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This tea was such a treat!

Beautiful tea! I LOVED the Farmers Green tea. It looked beautiful and had such a lovely tippy flavor. and I re-steeped it three times, each time the leaves opened up a bit more.

- Wendy Fields