Nishchal Banskota

Founder / CEO

We think our founder Nishchal’s fate in the tea world was sealed when he was born in a tea garden. Sure he tried to take destiny into his own hands and went to a liberal arts college in the US to become a CPA, but a trip back home after graduation changed all that. In 2016, he returned to the US a chiyawala, a tea man with a plan…

These days, Nishchal Banskota does a lot of things including read autobiographies, going on hikes, treks, attending business conferences and meetings, but he does it all with a backpack full of Nepal Tea Collective collection. He takes our mission to bring Nepali tea to a global market very seriously and quite literally.

Nishchal recommends first flush teas from Nepali gardens to anyone and everyone. They embody the love, care and impeccable skill that Nepali tea producers put into their craft. Right now, Nepal Tea Collective has KTE #1 from 2021’s first flush tea available for your exploration.