Pratik Rijal

Co Founder / COO

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the tea life chose Pratik Rijal, our COO. He was, after all, born on International Tea Day. But just like Nishchal, he too tried to evade the inevitable. He spent a few years getting use of his finance degree, climbed the corporate ladder and found a single cup of Nepali tea waiting for him at the top. In 2021, he finally listened to the call of the cuppa. And as lovely as finding one's calling for life might sound, Pratik has missed every single Chelsea Football Club match in the last two years because tea’s gotta come first.

He too has taken our mission of sprinting Nepali teas into the thriving global market to the heart. These days Pratik averages a 70 miles a month run and soon plans to run a marathon. We’re just hoping he does it wearing our bright Nepal Tea collective t-shirt.

Pratik recommends Kumari Gold for its bold intense flavors. He also uses the same tea to prepare mouth-watering cocktails!