Ritu Rajbanshi

Ritu Rajbanshi, unlike the rest of her team members, was born in a government hospital in October. So no prophecies or vocational fate of tea for her. She’s dabbled in many things over the last decades ranging from IT, education, volunteering and translations. The one thread that has connected them all has been varying forms of storytelling.

With Nepal Tea Collective too, Ritu has been bringing stories of the many invisible people working the tea industry to the front. While not reading and writing about tea or tea people, Ritu is reading and writing about other things. And suddenly, she’ll realize she’s been cooped up in her room for hours, if not days, and quickly go for a walk and a swim.

Ritu recommends all the white teas in Nepal Tea Collective’s collection. The delicate taste and the natural sweetness adds a sense of calm to her day.