Sharad Subba
quote_startWe don’t make tea, nature does that herself. Our only job is to identify them.quote_end

Subba made tea his life

Sharad Subba is a tea maker from Jasbire. When asked about his views on tea, he says that tea is his life. He really cannot imagine a life without it.
He established Jasbire Processing Center with twenty years of experience as an employee of another tea factory in Ilam.

The decision to open a tea factory in Jasbire was a personal one. Under someone else’s leadership Subba felt constricted with logistical issues.

Good tea takes time and money.

Jasbire Tea Processing Center isn’t as big as he’d like it to be, but over the course of six years that he started the factory, he has managed to build strong partnerships with the neighboring farmers as well as create teas that could truly represent Jasbire, his home.

From tea plucker to tea producer

As a young boy, Sharad’s journey started as a tea plucker. He slowly but steadily climbed the ladder jumping from one factory to another. What did it mean when they pushed a cup of brew to the side? What did it mean when they said some teas tasted sweeter than others? Sharad thought to himself.

He grew his expertise carefully observing the tea tasters and experts who visited the tea factories he worked at.

Now he has two young tea makers under his wing. He wants to grow the Jasbire name as much as he can to hopefully hand things over to his young son. He believes his practice of tea to be the art of tea but he wants his son to teach him the science behind it.

No compromises when it comes to his tea dreams

Now he dreams of building a school in his village. This he wants to achieve by making and selling the best quality tea.

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