Sujan Ghale
quote_startTea is a deep meditation. In its raw beauty, nature has given me a chance to express myself. I read tea leaves like words in a book and every page makes me feel more alive. quote_end

Introducing Ghale’s masterpieces

Sujan Ghale was born and raised in Kanyam. Like many tea makers in Nepal, Sujan too grew up around tea. As a child, he had grown up watching his parents work in the tea gardens. As an adult, Sujan has found an unshakeable passion in tea.

Growing up around tea

Making teas since he was 18 years old

The 28 year old currently residing in Baraha Tea Factory has been making teas since he was 18 years old. He is fascinated with the element of design in the tea making process. He shares that he is curious about the way leaves unfurl and sends a message to its makers.

In an interview we did with Sujan, he emphasized the responsibility tea has towards its farmers. During the pandemic, when tea factories and eventually exports came to a standstill, Sujan saw the struggles of the farmers first hand. It comes as no surprise that he takes his job very seriously.

Despite spending nearly a decade in the industry, he thinks he still has a long way to go when it comes to knowing everything about tea. But Sujan doesn’t seem to be in a rush.

Designing a tea into existence

Tea is my future

During the tea production, he becomes near impossible to reach to the outside world.

But the calm demeanor takes a turn during the production season. Sujan’s impeccable observation skill comes full throttle. He spends as much hours as possible at the factory where the tea leaves are processed.

To the outside world he becomes near impossible to reach. It took us almost everything we had in us to spend an hour with us for the virtual tea tasting of Baraha Black in April. We know now to never repeat that mistake again!

Sujan saw the struggles of the farmers first hand.

As a tea maker at Baraha Tea Factory in Ilam, Sujan trusted Nepal Tea Collective with Baraha Black- his very first tea at the Baraha Tea Factory. The tea is a reflection of his meticulous craft and curious mind. Baraha Black has the fragrance of sweet roses and unfurls multitudes of flavors ranging from muscat grapes and toasted almonds.

Tea that reflects the tea maker's personality

We believe Sujan has many more creations in him. Baraha Black was quite literally just the beginning.

Baraha Black

  • $ 12.00

Spring Oolong

  • $ 12.00

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