From the Himalayan Tea Mountains to the Global Stage: Our Rose Label Reserve wins Highly Commended Honor at the Leafies Award.

Nepal Tea Collective is excited to announce that our Rose Label Reserve '23 has won the Highly Commended honor at the Leafies, an International Tea Award hosted by the UK Tea Academy. 

Our Rose Label 2023 Reserve is a truly special tea. A pure and unadulterated black tea with exceptional roseate aromas and flavors, our Rose Label Reserve is hand-plucked from a specially cultivated batch of the BannockBurn157 cultivar of tea. It is also one of our rarest teas, plucked once a year during the first few harvests of the second flush. 

Discovered by tea veterans Nalin Modha, Chris MacNett, and our founder, Nishchal Banskota on a trip through Nepal's tea capital, our Rose Label Reserve has garnered international appeal. This tea is not only special for its incredible fragrance of a rose garden, its distinct rosy flavor notes, and layers of fresh, crips flavor notes of eucalyptus and citrus. The rarity of these bright and rose-like flavors is also a testament to Nepal's rich terroir, our unique climate, and the experimental spirit of our young tea makers. 

Nepal Tea Collective takes pride in working directly with Nepali tea farmers from the remote Himalayan regions of Eastern Nepal, ensuring they receive fair compensation and that their communities benefit from the tea trade. Connecting tea lovers all over the world to high-grade, organic, farm to cup teas, the Collective’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is at the core of their mission.

"We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award for our Rose Label Reserve," said Nishchal Banskota, co-founder of Nepal Tea Collective. "Not only does this award highlight the rich quality of our very special Rose Label Reserve tea, but it also recognizes the talent, spirit and passion of our young tea-artisans, whose love for the art of tea we hope to support and spotlight."

Nepal Tea Collective's Rose Label Reserve is an exemplary representation of the passion, heritage, and unwavering commitment to quality that defines the brand. This award is a testament to the company's success in bringing Nepali tea to the forefront of the global tea industry.

Photo credit: UK Tea Academy 

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