Nepal Tea Collective's Holiday Gift Guide: How to Please Every Kind of Tea Lover in Your Life

by Shefali Upreti

Happy Holidays! 

As we approach another year’s end, the Collective would like to wish you a warm and joyful holiday season! 
When it comes to organic, farm to table Himalayan teas, Nepal Tea Collective always has your back. If you're on the hunt for last minute gifts and high-quality teas, we're here for you. 
The holidays always arrive sooner than we think. Though the holiday spirit is in the air since fall, as soon as the leaves turn red and the air grows cold, we always somehow tend to think there is plenty of time to do all our shopping and make all our plans, don’t we? 
Somehow, the cozy months leading up to the holidays pass by so swiftly. At Nepal Tea Collective, we understand how stressful the mad, last minute search for the perfect, heartfelt gift your loved ones will truly enjoy can be. 
Well, not to worry! Our gift guide collects some of the best of the best tea gifts that will please any kind of tea lover in your life! 

1. For Your Loved Ones Who Want To Try Something New This New Year : Happy Holidays Sampler Box by Nepal Tea Collective 

Do you have someone in your life who wants to try something new this New Year?
Whether they're looking to introduce healthy beverage habits to their diets, or they're simply looking to experiment with new and exotic flavors, our Holiday Sampler Box offers 14 of our most popular and exquisite Himalayan teas for your loved ones to enjoy!
Our holiday box comes in smooth and sparkling packaging in two festive colors. Casing organic and delicious teas, the gift box also functions as a lovely Holiday Card to decorate the mantle with! 
For those of your friends and family looking to incorporate high-quality, sustainable, delicious beverages as a part of their healthy habits in the New Year, our Holiday Gift Box allows your loved ones to try a wide variety of healthy and delicious teas, and make a choice that best suits their palate! 

2. For The Ones in Your Life With A Sweet Tooth: Kumari Gold 

With the sweet flavors and aromas reminiscent of the festive season, our Kumari Gold organic black tea’s natural caramel, honey and baked fruit flavor notes will surprise and delight tea lovers. The golden hues of this black tea is reminiscent of festive indulgence, and is truly a tea made for special occasions. 
Besides its sweet and warm flavors, Kumari Gold also gives tea lovers a lovely kick of caffeine. Get this tea for the sweeth tooths in your life, or enjoy a strong and steaming cup of Kumari Gold with your family and friends, paired with your favorite holiday treats. 

3. A Luxurious Gift for Your High Maintenance Loved Ones: The Rose Label Reserve

Gift your loved ones the resplendence of a summer’s rose garden with the Rose Label Reserve! 
The Rose Label Reserve by Nepal Tea Collective is one of our most special teas. Plucked once a year during the summer-monsoon months in Nepal’s tea mountains, this tea is enriched by warm rains and the exotic minerals of our tea gardens. 
Whats more, this tea naturally contains the luxurious flavor of rose petals, without any added rose flavors. It brews into a romantic, red liquor, and contains layers of nuanced flavors that unfold on your tongue in a symphony of caramel and subtle mint. This tea, with its fine aromas and flavors and smooth mouthfeel, pairs perfectly with warm holiday treats. 
Keep your loved ones warm through the dark, cold months of winter. The Rose Label Reserve black tea is a symbol of summer’s bright flowers, and a reminder that the cold and difficult months will always pass, bringing back the richness and abundance of summer days! 

4. For The Early Risers and Chai Lovers in Your Life: Nepali Breakfast 

Kumari Gold Nepal Tea Collective Gift Guide
With delicious festive fragrances and flavor notes of gingerbread, cinnamon and warm spices, our Nepali Breakfast chai blend makes the perfect gift for chai lovers. 
Just brewing a pot of Nepali Breakfast, or making a strong cup of milk chai with this black tea and spice blend, will send the yummy aromas of the festive season wafting through the house.
Nepali Breakfast gives your loved ones a chance to wake up with the warm and fragrant embrace of a Nepali sunrise every morning. 

5. For the Lovers Rich and Dense Flavors: Kanchanjangha Noir 

Kanchanjangha Noir Gift Guide
For those of your loved ones who take pride in their refined palates, our Kanchanjangha Noir black tea will make the perfect gift! 
With the rich flavors and aromas of dark chocolate, raisins and cherries, the Kanchanjangha Noir makes a delicious brew. With a kick of caffeine, this organic black tea is a perfect start to the winter days that await us. 
Hand-plucked from the tea gardens at the base of one of the tallest mountains of the Himalayas, Mt. Kanchanjangha, Kanchanjangha Noir tea leaves have been coddled by the warm breezes of South Asia as well as the snowy breezes of our snow-capped mountains. 
Boasting of the rich minerals of our mountain soil and the pristine waters of our mountains with every sip, Kanchanjangha Noir tea makes a perfect gift for the bold and adventurous souls in your life! 

6. For Your Loved Once Who Enjoy a Bit of Wintry Spice: Kathmandu Cosmos 

Kathmandu Cosmos Gift Guide
With cozy, yet fruity flavor notes of warm spices and citrus, Kathmandu Cosmos black tea blend is the perfect gift for the winter months. 
A cup of Kathmandu Cosmos will transport tea lovers to the sunny winter afternoons in Kathmandu, with the aroma of local spices and seasonal citrus fruits wafting through Kathmandu’s cold winter breezes. 
Gift your loved ones the sweet and vibrant feeling of winter in Kathmandu with Kathmandu Cosmos organic spice blend! 

7. For the Epicureans in Your Life Who Love Flowers and Cream Tea: White Prakash

White Prakash Gift Guide
Natural flavors of vanilla, buttercream and fresh flowers make for a truly tempting cup with our White Prakash white tea! White Prakash is a brew on the list of every lover of white teas! 
Whether you have a friend who loves white teas, or a loved one who has never even tried white teas before, White Prakash makes the perfect gift for connoisseurs and beginners alike. The tea is easy to brew, and even easier to enjoy – with its light, buttery and soothing flavor profile. 
Whats more, White Prakash tea offers soothing relaxation with a low caffeine content. This tea is a luxurious yet affordable example of what the world of white teas has to offer! 

8. For Your Zen and Meditative Friend: Buddha’s Potion 

Buddha's Potion Gift Guide
Buddha’s Potion is a white tea blend alternative to our black tea spice blend, Kathmandu Cosmos. For the tea lovers in your life who prefer floral flavors instead of fruity ones, but love the flavor fusion of warm and cozy spices and citrus, Buddha’s Potion is the perfect gift! 
Buddha’s Potion is named after calming and relaxing effects this tea has on its drinkers. With a fresh selection of herbs and spices blended with our low-caffeine, smooth and tender white tea leaves, this tea offers the refreshing kick of warm spices as well as the smooth, creamy taste of white tea. 
Give your loved ones the gift of fragrant relaxation with our Buddha’s Potion! 
9. For all the Party Hosts and Lovers of Cozy Gatherings: Shangri-La Oolong 
Shangri-La Oolong Gift Guide
Brewing a pot of Shangri-La Oolong will have friends visiting your home asking you, “What are you baking?”
With the delicious fragrance and flavors of caramel, sweet spices and biscuits, this delicious tea offers a bold and warming taste that will sustain tea lovers through the winter months. 
For those hosting big holiday dinners, this tea, with its festive fragrances, is perfect to set a cozy mood next to a crackling fire and perfect to serve to guests longing for a healthy alternative to festive beverages! 

10. For Your Friends Who Just Can't be Bothered with Tea Leaves: Nepal Tea Collective’s Tea Bags 

Last but not the least, Nepal Tea Collective has also recently launched tea bag bundles for the tea lovers in your life who aren’t ready to dive into loose-leaf teas. 
Nepal Tea Collective’s tea bags offer the same whole-leaf, farm to cup, luxurious experience of drinking loose-leaf tea, with the easy-brewing and convenience of tea bags! 
Our tea bag materials are compostable, made of organic, plant-based materials. With each tea bag, you and your loved ones have the chance to connect and give back to the Nepali farmers who craft your teas! 
Every one of our tea bags comes with a tag featuring a QR code. This QR code, once scanned, connects you with the farmers who made you tea, and allows you to personally send your farmers a tip! 
Our Tea Bags Bundle comes in delicious Kanchanjangha Noir (black tea), Kanchanjangha Verde (Green tea), Nepali Breakfast and Kathmandu Cosmos, listed above! 
We hope you enjoy a beautiful and joyous holiday season, and share the joy over many steaming cups of tea with your loved ones! Happy Holidays from the Nepal Tea Collective team. 

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