Tea recommendations for zodiac signs: Gemini

We at Nepal Tea Collective believe that some things are just matches made in heaven. Some things just make sense. We also believe that through some magical algorithm within the Camellia Sinensis and universal energy, there’s a perfect tea for everyone

So as the period for the third astrological sign begins from May 20 to June 20, we thought why not match the Gemini sign and their traits with some of the best Nepali loose leaf teas in the world! After all, we do have some experience in cooking up some concoction.  

Gemini: The twins 

The twins sign is named after the twins constellation. Gemini the twins constellation represents the glorious tales of half-brothers Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology. Two brothers, one immortal and the other mortal, represent an inseparable bond despite the differences.


Gemini, the constellation, is the symbol of prosperity in many cultures and Gemini, the zodiac sign, aptly represents the duality of adaptability and intelligence, and impulsivity and boldness. 

For this very reason we paired the twins sign with Nepal Tea Collective’s Farmer’s Green. We thought the  match would be perfect because the first flush green tea, upon first glance, looks exactly like white tea. 

a bowl full of green tea leaves called Farmer's Green tea from Nepal Tea Collective's Reserve tea collection

It’s known to fool, for a little longer than a second, even the most expert of tea connoisseurs. Trichomes, the dusty white fine hairs, give the green tea an air of white tea. Trichomes are a feature of amazing high quality teas. And we thought the duality of not just the appearance but also the subtle delicate dignity of white tea with the irrefutable flavors of green tea made complete sense with the twin zodiac. 

It only works out all the better, because the adventurous Gemini spirits could use a healthy pause or two throughout the day and premium organic loose leaf tea such as Farmer’s Green only serves. The 2021 first flush tea is produced all the way in Jasbire by a fabulous tea maker named Sharad Subba.

Both the sweet-toothed and the salt-toothed twin signs will find something to cherish in the much revered Farmer’s Green tea. The notes of rich vegetables dance along to apple-y fruitiness and take the drinker to a glorious summer afternoon! 

Check out Farmer’s Green Tea here!

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