A Tea blessed by the Gods

First Flush ‘24

🏔️ Nepal’s first harvest of the season!
🍵 From tea farm to your cups in a month!
💚 Highly nutritious, packed with antioxidants!
✨ Limited 100 gram packets available!
🙌 96 units sold in 10 days

A rare and remarkable harvest

The Nepali First Flush

The Nepali first flush is among the rarest and the most delicate blooms in the South Asian tea world. Our first pluck of the season is a treasured harvest because of Nepal's unique microclimate. These tea plants grow in a rigorous surrounding and are awakened after the long-dormant winter season, well-hydrated by the pristine Himalayan waters. This makes our First Flush one of the smoothest black teas, packed with antioxidants.

First Flush Black Tea

First Flush Black Tea
First Flush Black Tea
First Flush Black Tea
First Flush Black Tea
First Flush Black Tea
First Flush Black Tea
First Flush Black Tea

First Flush Black Tea

As fresh as it can get!

Plucked on the 5th of March, available by the 25th. The First Flush is the only harvest that is available to order within 20 days of its plucking making it the freshest tea one can savor.

A nutrient-rich harvest.

Post winter dormancy, in the Himalayan microclimate, the tea plants awaken. The rigorous climate, cool air, and strong sun force its slow growth. This makes the young, tender leaves of the First Flush the most nutritious and antioxidant-rich harvest of all time.

First breath of Spring.

Nurtured by Himalayan snowmelt in our pristine microclimate, KTE’s young tea buds thrive. These delicate leaves, bursting with spring's floral fragrance, offer a cup that captures the essence of the first flush, like savoring the spring season itself.

  • 3.5 oz | 100gm
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Customer Reviews

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This tea is everything you need. It’s sunny outside; drink this tea. You feel sad; drink this tea. You’re celebrating an event; drink this tea.

There’s no comparison with other teas. It is so fresh and lively, it feels like you are drinking freshly plucked tea leaves.

First class tea

First time I got first flush black tea and I am glad I did it. I think it's much healthier than green tea and regular black tea and very refreshing.

A tea blessed by the gods 

In Nepal, the First Flush isn't just a tea harvest, it's a cultural celebration. Astrologers mark the most auspicious time, and with blessings from the Gods, the delicate first flush leaves are plucked. This reverence reflects the belief that the First Flush is more than just a warm cup of tea; it symbolizes fresh beginnings and a promise of a bountiful year ahead.

Meet our Producer

Among the cool mountains at Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (KTE), Chandra grew up breathing in the scent of tea leaves. The young plants at KTE were like silent friends to him. Chandra is the first homegrown tea producer to work with KTE’s First Flush due to his years of experience in tea making supported by his calm demeanor. Chandra’s skilled hands are the first to touch the season's most special tea - the First Flush.

Quantity: 100 gms (3.5 oz).

The floral and sweet tones of this rare Nepali tea will please your palette perfectly. Its bright floral smell fills you with the sort of pleasure you might have never felt before.

Vacuum-sealed for freshness.

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