5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Tea

1. Healthier Beverage

Popular for its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties, it is a best option for your daily sip

2. Versatile & Flavourful

A variety of tea flavors ranging from spicy, citrus, honey and many more to choose from based on your taste and palette
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The Best Tea with the best Selection

The Nepal tea sampler is a amazing selection of the different Teas that are available through Nepal Tea. This selection gives a broad spectrum of their teas to try so you can narrow down to your favorites for future purchases. The bag they come in is beautiful.

- Julia

3. Calorie-free Hydration

Your calorie-free beverage that contributes to daily hydration goals, making it a healthier alternative to sugary drinks.

4. Organic & Sustainable Choice

We are organic-certified and share 1% of revenue with our farmers making it a healthier and responsible choice.

5. Slow Release Caffeine

With the perfect balance of caffeine and L-Theanine in the tea leaves, you can say goodbye to jitters and energy crashes while staying alert with every cup.

Let us get you started on your tea journey!

Nepal Tea Sampler Collection

Nepal Tea Sampler Collection

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One Box. Entire Tea Collection.

Can’t decide which flavor to get? Don’t worry, Nepal Tea has got you! This loose tea sampler gift collection features our entire tea collection, giving you a taste of each flavor from our wide range of products. From the strong, robust flavors and spiced teas to delicately flavored ones, find the perfect taste to match your liking.

With this loose tea leaves sampler travel pouch or box, you’ll get to taste our 14 varieties of tea (2 in tea bags and 12 Loose-Leaf). You will receive

  • Ganesha Green - Ganesha Green is a fine pluck, medium-bodied with prominent marine flavors, such as kelp and seaweed.
  • Kanchanjangha Verde - Our premium green tea that undergoes minimal oxidation in tea processing. It helps in retaining the plant's natural appearance and color. It also preserves the healthy properties of the plant.

  • Silver Yeti - For the more discerning tea drinker, a subtle and smooth tea with hints of floral aromas and flavors that linger long after the cup has finished.

  • White Prakash - The superior quality white tea prepared by Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (KTE). White Tea is considered the healthiest of all teas. This is primarily because it is made from the baby plant only at a special time in the spring and undergoes virtually no processing.
  • Kanchanjangha Noir - A distinct brisk flavor with a deep and vibrant reddish-brown infusion. The high elevation of the tea bushes results in a fresh fruity/ flowery aroma with hints of caramel. The malty flavors and taste notes such as raisins and dark chocolate are prominent in all flushes of KTE black tea.

  • Kumari Gold - A medium to full-bodied tea with caramel, and baked fruit flavors, and a long-lasting finish. Bright golden liquor.

  • Shangri-La OolongA stylish and spicy full-bodied tea with biscuity aromas and smooth tannins. Tending towards green aromas and black flavors, this oolong will intrigue both experts and beginners.
  • Buddha's Blend - A well-rounded white tea blend that will bring peace to the mind and restore the soul. Includes coriander, cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon, cinnamon bark, Sichuan pepper, ginger, cloves, rose petals, and bachelor's buttons petals.
  • Nepali Breakfast - A blend of Orthodox, CTC teas, and our special masala spice mix. Experience the color of CTC, and flavors of Orthodox with the ‘zing’ of the home-made spice mix.
  • Kathmandu Cosmos - Our special spiced chai is an Ayurvedic blend of our finest golden-tip tea with a flavorful homemade spice mix. A sweet and spicy heritage!

  • Lemongrass - Organic Lemongrass tea features bright and fragrant notes of lemon and completes your palate with a clean finish. One can also use the lemongrass while cooking to add a tangy hint!
  • Golden Milk - The turmeric in the Organic Golden milk allows a fragrant spice to shine, while notes of cinnamon balances the spices with a mild, delicate sweetness.
  • Kathmandu Cosmos Herbal - Our special spiced chai is an Ayurvedic blend of our flavorful homemade spice mix. A sweet and spicy heritage without any caffeine!
  • Mystique Mélange - A magical green tea blend of our green tea leaves with warm species and notes of fresh citrus, Mystique Melange offers a warm, fruity, and floral taste. This lightly spiced tea is a delicious pick-me-up drink for any time of day.

We also aim to support farmers as well as consumers by directly bringing tea from Nepal and eliminating middlemen from the supply chain. We want to make an impact, not in words, but in action, hence we support different causes and projects that help benefit the environment and the less fortunate.

With every single purchase of Nepal Tea, we support farmers in several ways

The Cow Bank Project: In 2005, we began the Cow Bank Project in response to high poverty rates in Nepal. So far, we have donated 177 cows to our farmers and their families, so that they have additional ways to earn income. By 2025, we hope to reach our goal of 500 high-yielding cows. 
The Free Education Project: In 2002, we began the Free Education Project to help combat high illiteracy rates in Nepal. In this project, we provide scholarships to all children of the farmers in order to study in the local English Boarding School and the Community School. In total, we have provided 2300 scholarships, with 93 students in this year’s program. 
The Free Housing Project: We believe an essential part to improving our workers' lives is by providing adequate housing and basic necessities. Therefore, we provide all our workers with shelter, one set of clothes for them and their families every year, safe drinking water, electricity, and smokeless ovens.