5 Reasons Why You Should Get This New Tea Bag!

1. Your health comes first

Tea bags have as much as 11 million microplastics and 3 billion nanoplastic, according to a study. Our tea bags are made from all-natural packaging including the outer packaging, the inner sachets and the tea bags themselves. You don’t need to risk your health to consume good tea.


These tea bags are delicious.

It feels healthy to drink and the tea also gives me lots of energy to start my day. I’m beyond grateful for this company!

- Maria Valencia

2. You sip on premium loose leaf tea from the Himalayas

Our teas are sourced from high-altitude Himalayas from smallholder farms. All the teas that we use are premium grade and they do not contain any dust or broken leaves. All leaves are intact and fresh, making your tea drinking ritual delicious.

3. You don’t have to worry about brewing time

Tea bags are meant to be convenient. But most tea bags focus on convenience without thinking about quality or health benefits. Because we use premium leaves and our packaging uses all-natural ingredients, your convenience comes without the health and quality costs.

4. You give back to farmers

Most tea companies do not share their revenue with their farmers. But we do! We give back 1% of our top-line revenue, which means that we pledge 1% of extra income to farmers, even if we are at a loss. Your tea habits can do good to the world too!


I was impressed from the very first sip.

The taste and freshness was well beyond anything else I have ever tasted”

- Tim Carlisle

5. Know where your tea comes from

Just scan the QR code in your packaging and get the complete information about where your tea comes from. Plus, you can choose to tip the farmers and also add a note on what exact purpose you want the money to go towards, in case you have some specific cause that you believe in.


They are all of outstanding quality

I have loved trying all the teas I received from Nepal, they are all of outstanding quality, I enjoy learning about the regions they come from as well

- John McKenna

Tea Bags - Bundle of 4 [Black Tea, Green Tea, Chai & Herbal Blend]

Tea Bags - Bundle of 4 [Black Tea, Green Tea, Chai & Herbal Blend]

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Himalayan Sunrise is a brisk Nepal black tea with fruity and floral aromas, with hints of caramel. Flavor notes of raisins, cherry, and dark chocolate are prominent in this unique tea.

Himalayan Mist is a mellow, high-quality loose leaf green tea with a floral aroma. This tea has subtle fruity flavors, with grassy and nutty notes shining throughout.

Nepali Breakfast is a medium-bodied black tea invigorated by its unique masala chai flavors. Black pepper and cardamom create a warm spice found throughout the tea.

Kathmandu Cosmos herbal blend is delicately balanced with aromatic spices, such as ginger and cardamom, and has pronounced sweet citrus flavor notes of orange peel and lemongrass. 


Nepal Tea Collective's teabags are made of corn extracts and are compostable.

Unlike many teabags on the market that are packed with low-grades of tea like broken leaves or Fannings (tea-leaf dust), Nepal Tea Collective's teabags are packed with our organic, premium whole leaf teas and delicious tea blends.

Nepal Tea Collective's pyramid tea bags have a wide base, allowing our whole leaf teas to fully unfurl and release all their delicious flavors and tempting aromas while steeping.

Non-compostable tea bags are typically made of plastic materials such as nylon-blends. Even teabags that are made of filter paper are treated with plastic materials so that they hold their structural integrity while steeping. Because of their plastic content, these teabags are do not disintegrate into soil, and are therefore not compostable. Nepal Tea Collective's tea bags are made of unbleached filter paper with no plastic content. They are industrially compostable, which means that the bio-waste from our teabags can be composted with controlled temperature and will biodegrade within 6 months.

Our line of teabags are available in our fan-favorite black tea Himalayan Sunrise, Himalayan Mist green tea, Nepali Breakfast chai blend, and Kathmandu Cosmos Decaf herbal blend.

You can read about the creation and production details of our teabags on our blog! (link to colab article)