Tea, Tourism and Social Change 

Summer 2021

Tourism has evolved. While it was limited to visiting new places, and observing beautiful sceneries and witnessing new cultures, tourism has grown now to become more immersive where tourists not just observe but be a part of the new cultural/traditional experience.

Where are we going with this project?

Tea is not just a commodity for the people of Nepal but also a way of life. We want to share this “way of life” with the world. We want re-define tourism to be a more immersive experience through tea which covers not just the history and importance of it but also delves deep in the arts and science of making the finest cup while setting a prime example for social change.

Why Tea?

Tea, being one of the most consumed and popular drinks after water, has its own history behind it. The art and science involved in making the cup that most people start their day with are rarely known to a few. This tea tourism package takes the leap to not just introduce tourists to a new country and its heritage but immerses them to get involved directly into the tea making process from start to finish. Oh, and yes, you get to take home whatever amount of tea you are able to make; privately labeled!

Why Kanchanjangha Tea Estate, Panchthar, Nepal?

  • Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center (KTE-RC) is the First Organic Certified Tea Garden in Nepal established in 1984 and its carries its own history heritage. The Bank loan to start the company was commissioned by then King himself! (Curious why? Well, you’ll have to visit yourself to know more).
  • KTE-RC operates on a very unique model where the farmers are owners themselves and is not a typical tea company but a social enterprise; the full-time farmers receive free housing and subsidized food and the all their children receive full educational scholarships.
  • The dominating Limbu culture and tradition in the village is something you will never get to experience anywhere else in Nepal or in the world. (Fun fact: Their wedding ceremony last for at least 4 days where all they do is drink, eat and party!)
  • KTE-RC sits in the foothills of Mt. Kanchanjangha, which, is the third tallest mountain in the world.
  • Apart from the above, where else would you get to ride on the back of the trucks on endlessly winding roads?

What the farmers and the local community gain out of it?

An experience the farmers and we will treasure for a life-time. 

  • Get to meet YOU fabulous people.
  • Share their stories and hear your stories (though there might be some communication issues due to language barrier ;) but we’ll be there to translate!
  • Earn a decent wage while providing their world-class hospitality.
  • Use of the local resources.
  • Show-off their cultures and traditions (which might shock you at times)

Tentative Timeline for a 7 day tour*:

Day 0 : Arrival , Overnight In Kathmandu

Day 1: Sight Seeing in Kathmandu

Day 2: Fly to Bhadrapur – Drive to Panchthar( 5 Hrs.) Over Night at Tea Garden Lodge or, local Home Stay

Day 3: Tea Plucking, Uphill Drive around Tea Garden (1 hour), Hike (1 hour)

Day 4: Tea Rolling, Visit to our School, Tea Firing & Roasting

Day 5: Tea Tasting in the morning & Tour to near-by Villages

Day 6: Fly back to Kathmandu

Day 7: Free Day in Kathmandu

Day 0: Departure

*tours schedules and time duration are flexible 


Cost: Approx. $3,450/Per Person (Single Occupancy) / $3,150/Per Person (Double Occupancy) 

*This price is for international flights to and from JFK (New York) only. For all other states, we ask you to book your own flights and deduct $1,000 from the cost structure above. 

**This is 2019 fee structure. There might be slight changes but expect the cost to be around the same. 

Included: International and In-country transportation, accommodations, food, site visits, activities, guides. 

Not Included: visas, insurance, personal expenses. 

Here are some photo albums from the past trips


 Immersive Tea Tour - 1
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Immersive Tea Tour - 2 
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 Immersive Tea Tour - 3
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Immersive Tea Tour - 4 
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