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Perfect product (and gift)!

This tea mug is revolutionary! It makes the perfect gift for any occasion, and it's easy to use. Plus, it supports Nepalese women and small-business folks, so it's a SUPER ethical purchase. Highest recommendations.

- Raven Digitalis

Perfect innovation!

This is a brilliant, truly innovative design for a tea infuser. I always look for glass infusers because I never want other types of materials potentially interacting with tea. But the glass ones always break and it is cumbersome to keep track of 3 different pieces of the infuser. This infuser is simple, sturdy, and delivers a perfect cup of tea. I'm so happy to have found this product and will purchase it again for gifts.

- Tara

Elegant, Functional

The design is simple and elegant, much less fiddly than a traditional steeper, and easier to clean. I'm used to drinking tea from opaque mugs, but watching water become a gorgeous tea through the clear glass is so beautiful, I'll never go back! In addition to the delicious taste and smell, I can also enjoy my tea as a visual delight! The Wall tea infuser creates a feast for the senses.

-  Ellie Mertens
Los Angeles, CA

Amazing cup!!!!

I am glad I stumbled onto this company. I just started my journey with loose-leaf tea and this infuser cup is perfect!! I already bought a second one and my sister is planning on buying one as well. Thanks so much!! You can not go wrong with this infuser!

-  Samara Askew
Los Angeles, CA

The WALL® Tea Infuser Bundle

The WALL® Tea Infuser Bundle

Hassle-free brewing:

The cup is a complete solution. With a strainer, cup, and infuser, all-in-one, say goodbye to messy brewing!

The ultimate tea experience:

Witness your organic tea leaves dance and steep in our spacious, dishwasher-safe infuser.

A perfect tea ritual:

A versatile cup, to experience the rich flavors of Kumari Gold, robust notes of Nepali Breakfast Tea, and a soothing blend of Buddha's Potion.

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My Best Purchase of the Year!!

This infuser cup is my absolute favorite cup! What an innovative idea. Why didn't I think of this!? 😄. I am truly impressed with the Kumari Gold loose tea, also. It is very flavorful and gives me a little boost in the morning. I love the tin canister to store my tea. The packaging in a homemade bamboo bag just made my day :). Love that it is Organic. I will continue to support this small business and enjoyed reading about its beginnings and founder <3. Can't wait to try the Chai - Nepali Breakfast here next!!

The Wall® teacup is the simplest and cleanest way to infuse tea, herbs and berries in a single cup.  The glass cup has a fused glass strainer on the preferred drinking side to act as a filtration barrier to keep the leaves from your mouth allowing for a full, unconstricted infusion to occur. 

Each unit is handmade from 100% borosilicate glass (laboratory grade, heat resistant), and has proven to be extremely durable through extensive testing.  Because the entire unit is made from the same material, they are fully recyclable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe!  

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