Are tea subscription boxes worth it?    

If one allows their cup to tell the stories, every leaf of tea can reveal the journey it has taken from the tea gardens to the present. Every sip can be a silent companion in the journey of life. 

This is one of the reasons why tea subscription boxes can be a busy soul’s best friend. Without messing up the quiet organization of one’s schedule, the tea arrives at your doorstep to finally complete its long travels. 

When the doorbell rings, all you have to do is open the door wide and welcome it in and listen. 

Tea subscription vs. Shopping for your own teas

If you’re the type of person who knows your volition inside out and aren’t looking for adventures or even quiet discoveries in your palates then there’s little to be gained from tea subscription packages. 

Tea subscription services are for the hushed joys curated by the experts in the industries. They’re a little caressing hello from people who have been working in the field of tea for decades as well as a gentle push to be a little courageous and a little curious every month. 

With the wonders of modern technology and the way it boosts markets, consumers need not spend entire days and months looking for new things to try. Miracles of assorted subscription can give you the thrill of trying something new every month all from the comfort of your own home. 

This is what Nepal Tea Collective has been trying to give you and more with our tea subscription packaged. 

Why choose Nepal Tea Collective’s Tea subscription deals?

Nepal Tea Collective currently has four different modules of subscription. All of them include a combination of two top tier organic loose leaf teas all the way from Nepal. The combination will generally comprise of tried and tested classic green tea, white tea, black tea and oolong tea with a more exotic, rare and micro-lot premium tea reserve collection comprising of first flush green tea, white teas and black tea. 

Each subscription package offers not just tea but what we like to call a comprehensive tea experience. These tea packages give consumers more than just teas but an invitation to travel with every single leaf itself. 

What will you get with each subscription?

Two unique organic loose leaf tea from Nepal for every tea lover:

Every subscription comes with a combination of two Nepali teas to fulfill your monthly tea needs. One of the two will be a tried, tested and loved 1 oz of Nepal Tea brew (classic green, white and black tea experience)  and another will be a 1.7 oz of an exclusive first flush organic tea. The rare teas will guarantee a unique and varying flavors that are unmatched by any other. 

Free access to virtual tea tasting with tea growers and nurturers: 

We understand that the ultimate organic loose leaf tea experience isn’t only about drinking loose tea for its flavors. It includes conversations, exchange of stories and experiences straight from the fields of Nepal, a tea club experience if you may.

You will get a free and extremely exclusive tasting session with the growers and nurturers of the Nepali teas. You will be at the first line of our efforts to bridge the gap between the producers and consumers discussing personal tasting notes and ways of the specialty tea world. 

Purchase with Purpose

Every single purchase, including the tea subscription box, with Nepal Tea collective means a new tea plant gets planted in Ilam. We like to believe this is our ultimate customer service! We’ve committed ourselves to this pledge to aid the fight against climate change while helping Nepali tea farmers produce more and better quality tea every single year and surely uplift them from poverty

On top of being the only reason why a new tea plant exists in the world, the subscribers of Nepal Tea subscription package gets a chance to name the tea plant after themselves or their loved ones. This is how we personalize your impact. If or when you decide to visit the tea gardens of Nepal, you will be able to find a plant, your plant waiting for you. 

Be a part of a thriving communi-tea

The tea subscription boxes, although essentially delivering high quality Nepali tea to your doorstep on a monthly basis, runs like a tea club. It’s a thread that ties the tea club or a rather thriving communi-tea not just within America but globally. You can be friends with the most experienced loose leaf tea makers of Nepal, exchange info on the latest tea accessories or hear the growing journeys of young tea makers full of enthusiasm and their unrelenting plans to revolutionize the tea world. It all begins with a click. 

What are people saying about Nepal Tea's subscription package and their experience so far? 

Amazing in so many ways!
What’s not to like with Nepal Teas! Their teas are absolutely delicious and beautifully packaged. Not to mention, they are helping people with every sale.

- Kelly Briarton

A unique, and educational tea adventure
Such a great tea club (and a great value). The teas have been truly unique (and tasty) and it's been great learning the stories behind each of them.

- Sarah Y

Love the new micro-lot Tea Experience
To start with, what a great idea....everything about it. The high expectations from seeing that they are tiny lots from small farmers/artisans which you label as "Reserve" teas have certainly been met. You open the timeline (even giving dates) of the process/journey and people of Farmer's Green to us which no one else has done in any place that I've bought tea. Even the packaging and its description is a nice touch. The Farmer's Green fulfilled its promise of quality aroma and flavors. The KTE #1 was an amazing surprise. I'm not sure why you call it black tea but its beautiful golden liquor, surprising aroma, and complex flavors was one of those experiences that we constantly search for but rarely find....a real gem. Thank you.

- Paul K.

So is a subscription to the Nepal Tea Subscription box worth it? 

We honestly think our subscription box is the best tea subscription box out there. You may call out our bias but our subscription service is so much more than just tea. I mean the teas you get are of the highest quality all around but it gives you an insight into the delicious tea world and gives you a ground to settle in and think about the impact you are making as a consumer, as a tea drinker. 

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