What Happens After You Buy a Pack of Our Nepali Tea 

Nepal Tea Collective and its team believes that tea is a catalyst for social change. And we’ve been putting what we believe into practice. Although Nepal Tea Collective is primarily about bringing Nepali teas to its global audience, we’ve always wanted to create an identity of Nepali loose leaf tea while bridging the gap between the primary producers and the ultimate consumers eventually with a vision to get one million farmers out of poverty within their generation and within our founders’ lifetime.

Read more on how every single purchase is getting us closer to our goals below;


Tea has the potential to transform lives. Nishchal, our founder, saw it as Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center revitalizing the entire Phidim village’s economy and livelihood and still believe in it. Since 1984, KTERC has been partnering with farmers and investing in Nepali tea producers to improve their living conditions. 

Nepal Tea Collective is on a mission to end the vicious cycle of poverty for tea farmers within their generation! We strive to further our impact on many more farmers and communities to achieve a sustainable and honorable living standard for our tea farmers. We're committed to this mission by annually giving 1% of our topline revenue back to the producers. We take this opportunity as an honor and an investment. We’re honored to be a part of a brighter future for the farmers who work so hard to produce our teas, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey. Every time you purchase a tea, 1% of your purchase goes back to the origin. And if you want to further support rural farmers, you donate directly to our effort. 


Nepal Tea Collective has committed to planting a tea sapling for every tea sold through our collection. Till 2021, we sold 10,000 packs of tea and now we’re in the process of planting 10,000 tea plants to celebrate and honor you, our tea lovers.  

Tea bushes sequestrate 52.7 to 61.3 percent of the total carbon dioxide sequestered by the plantations in a tea garden. It was found that 2.5 acres of tea garden, the size of an average Indian tea garden, sequestered roughly 5,100 kg-CO2/yr in the tea bushes. So every year, Nepal Tea Collective has pledged to plant one tea sapling for every order that we receive. On 5th June 2022, we collaborated with local nurseries back in Panchthar and planted the first 1000 tea plants. In 2022, we managed to increase the number to 2500 tea plants and another 5000 cuttings are being prepared for plantation. The plan is to keep the celebration going. 


We strive to bring out far-reaching impacts in the lives of underprivileged children in rural Nepal. Part of Nepal Tea Collective supports its sister non-profit Nepal Tea Foundation dedicated to sponsoring children’s education which includes auxiliary support crucial to a child’s going and staying in school. The foundation specifically focuses on helping out the numerous people involved in the Nepali tea industry because, despite the amazing tea that Nepal produces, so many of the people involved need help. Nepal Tea Foundation has so far provided full scholarships to 2400 children, 3000 mid-day meals, 400 stationeries, and continual support to 2 public school teachers. 

During the COVID-19-induced lockdown, the livelihood of farmers was uncertain. The foundation began an emergency fund to support them during any health-related emergencies. The fund since then has supported health check-ups and hospital visits for numerous farmers. 


Nepal Tea Collective began serving Nepali teas to American consumers in 2016 with teas from Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center, Nepal’s first organic tea garden. Since then, we’ve partnered with 4 smallholder farms. And although all four farms practice 100% organic farming to produce some delicious teas, they do not have an organic certification. 


Because certification is an expensive and complicated process when it comes to Nepali farms. Even though the organic practice is a natural one, many Nepali tea farms do not have their certification. Nepal Tea Collective has been trying to support smallholder farms to receive their much-deserved certification. And in the coming years, the teas we sell are going to make it happen. 


There is an entire ecosystem that revolves around tea. From the garden that’s cared for like a child to factories spinning organic loose-leaf tea like gold. From afar, a cup of tea might be just that. But from up close, a cup symbolizes a way of life. With our tea tourism project, we strive to bring tea lovers close to the tea way, the Nepali way. We want to redefine tourism to be a more immersive experience through tea which covers not just the history and importance of it but also delves deep into the arts and science of making the finest cup while setting a prime example for social change.


There’s a reason why each and every Nepal Tea Collective’s packaging looks like a work of art. In a sense, they really are. Nepal Tea Collective has trained local craftsmen to use the bamboo growing on the premises of Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center. These bamboo pouches provide extra income for our farmers. The cylindrical boxes that hold our reserve collection are made from lokta papers and are 100% biodegradable. 

The boxes and pouches are made with a degree of reverie and support the local craftsman to continue their crafts. 


One of the biggest challenges Nepal Tea Collective faces is bringing the Nepali tea producer closer to global tea consumers. Although the world is getting smaller by the minute, tea producers peacefully making their teas are far from reaching their consumers. With our virtual tea-tasting session, we tackle this very difficult issue with the power of connection and stories. 

Every month, we invite you, our tea lovers, to the monthly tea tasting where we bring fascinating guests from the Nepali tea world including but not limited to our tea producers. We want the tea drinkers to get familiar with the love and care that tea producers put into their crafts.

Above all, we want you to know that your journey with our tea doesn’t end with a purchase. Every single pack you buy from us is a beautiful beginning to bring Nepali teas closer to the global market. We hope you are proud of the decision you’ve made because we are over the moon, to have our teas be a small part of your life! 

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